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Why Do We Have Black Friday? - Elaha Moosa, Gumley House School FCJ - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Why do we have Black Friday??Something I doubt many of us ask ourselves every time?this time of year comes around. For many?of us in the UK,?it’s?an opportunity to get?clothes?at?outstanding prices?or a new oven for?half off the retail price. However,?Black Friday is much more?than that!?Therefore, we?should take the time to dive into?its?origins and understand why this?shopping holiday has?truly80 per cent of long-term-care residents?come about.??

Contrastingly, in the United States, Black Friday?traditionally marks the Friday after Thanksgiving (a national holiday).?Whereas, in the UK,?Black Friday is?start of the Christmas shopping season; giving people the chance to get fantastic gifts at low prices.?Recentlyseomodifieddate, people?all over the worldThe pandemic, with some scientists sayin?have?gone crazy for the cheap prices?– leading to impulsive buys and?new clothes ready to be tossed away after the first wear.?

Over the years, people have gathered that the earliest use of the phrase ‘Black Friday’ can date back to?around?1869 in which the price of gold plummeted?–?resulting in a crash in the market, leaving behind?lasting?effects on the US economy.?But, the first use of the phrase as we recognise it,?can be said?to?be around the 1950’s by traffic police in Philadelphia,?when describing the traffic jams in retail stores.?Currently, we continue to?use ‘Black Friday’ to?describe the?frantic?shopping holiday, that people prepare for?up to?numerous?days beforehand!? RELATED: Richard Ratcliffe, husband turned hunger striker

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