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With the arrival of the peak season of home decoration, home decoration companies of all sizes are eyeing the cake of villa decoration

with the arrival of the peak season of home decoration, home decoration companies of all sizes are eyeing the cake of villa decoration. It is understood that Changchun home decoration company can really meet the needs of villa decorators, but many companies will do anything to attract business. After decoration, the original high-end villas will become nondescript. To this end, the reporter interviewed members of the "love family club" who have experience in villa decoration, and asked them to point out the maze for you

choose a company: beware of traps everywhere

readers Dai Lili used to decorate with the help of friends to choose a company and buy materials, and there were basically no major problems after living. When decorating the villa, she visited the decoration company herself, and was finally attracted by a decoration company with an auxiliary material quotation of only 50000 yuan. After staying for one and a half years, the wall was not only yellowing, but also peeling. After checking the house with a professional, it was found that the putty and emulsion paint that should have been painted at least twice were only painted once by the decoration company, which cut corners on work and materials

member he Chao's advice: villa decoration has a great profit attraction for small decoration companies, so they will use various means to win the trust of owners, and will try to cut corners after construction. So, how should Owners Beware of the "gentle trap" of decoration companies? First of all, don't completely listen to others' introductions, but investigate the decoration qualification and construction quality of decoration companies on the spot. The basic number of designers and office environment can also reflect their decoration strength

secondly, for villa decoration, the constraints on the contract must not be hasty, and it should be more detailed when signing, such as how to solve the problem if the expected effect is not achieved in the design, how to ensure environmental protection with materials, how to match the construction personnel, how to settle the decoration cost, what quality assurance projects after decoration, and how long the quality assurance period should be clearly reflected in the contract

third, when explaining to the owner, many designers will come up with many successful cases for the owner's reference. The effect drawing is often quite different from the real picture. If possible, the owner had better follow the designer or construction supervisor to visit the site to verify their decoration quality from various decoration projects

Design: be careful to avoid misunderstandings

reader Li Lin's villa has 330 square meters, which is very depressed after decoration and occupancy. The overall feeling is "villa house type structure, flat floor living design". In addition to the large living area, I can't see any design characteristics of the villa

member Wang Fang's advice: the villa is not only a doubling of the number of large-area functional spaces and a simple copy of the design, but also a careful carving by the designer and a full understanding of the owner's hobbies and needs, so as to basically reflect the design style of the villa. So, how can consumers "find fault" in design drawings

first of all, it depends on whether the division of functional areas is humanized. For example, many designers just consider the functional space required by the villa and arrange these functional spaces in all corners of the whole house type in disorder. Owners can see whether the division of living room, dining room, entertainment area, rest area, study, etc. is humanized, reasonable and practical, and whether the whole house type design has a sense of chaos

secondly, it depends on whether the design of landscape architecture is reasonable. The design of villa landscape garden is often ignored by designers, just a simple pile of flowers and trees. In fact, natural elements such as blue sky, white clouds and plants should be regarded as the extension of the interior space of the villa. We should make full use of natural conditions to create a natural and harmonious atmosphere for the owner and meet the psychological needs of the owner to return to nature





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