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In recent years, with the further promotion of urbanization, the urban commercial housing market is gradually emerging, and the urban housing decoration directly drives the consumption growth of Le home furnishing industry. Due to the continuous improvement of the economic capacity of the urban population, the demand for housing decoration is also gradually increasing. Therefore, for plate enterprises, the urban market will be a huge cake

plate enterprises need to pay attention to the urban market

at present, about two-thirds of urban consumers choose medium and low-grade plates with low prices, and about one quarter of consumers choose high-grade plate products. They pay more attention to price than product quality and after-sales service

there are more than 800 million people in the third and fourth tier cities. Their consumption awareness is constantly enhanced, the brand concept is also increasingly popular, and the requirements for the quality and durability of plate products are gradually higher, which should be paid attention to by Chinese plate merchants

if sheet metal enterprises do not want to fall into vicious price competition in the third and fourth tier city market, they need to increase design efforts, innovate in shape and color, and produce high-quality and low-cost sheet metal products that meet the needs of consumers, so that consumers can truly experience the practicality and sense of value of products, which is the key for sheet metal enterprises to enter the urban market and the first opportunity to win

guide consumers' consumption concept

the promotion of urbanization has directly improved residents' living standards and living conditions. Urban residents' recognition of plates is also improving, and they also have a certain brand awareness. However, due to the relatively few information sources of urban residents, they do not know how to choose plates, especially the lack of confirmation of product cost performance, which is simply to catch up with the trend of the times

this requires the conscious guidance of plate enterprises to cultivate their correct consumption concept. Plate enterprises fully realize that there are huge business opportunities in the tertiary and tertiary markets, but also increase publicity, enhance popularity, and improve people's consumption level and consumption desire

innovative marketing is essential

some sheet metal enterprises unilaterally believe that there is no need for too many sales activities in the third and fourth tier markets, which is a big misunderstanding. Inspired by home appliances to the countryside, cars to the countryside and computers to the countryside, consumers are no longer unfamiliar with home building materials to the countryside, and there is no initial novelty. At this time, innovative marketing will still be an indispensable means for the factory to create sales performance. In the household industry, some manufacturers have broken through the conventional marketing mode and achieved brilliant achievements with innovative marketing

improve the channel layout of the third and fourth tier cities

the marketing effect is largely determined by the channel, and those who get the channel get the market. For now. The channel layout of many sheet metal enterprises in the first and second tier cities has tended to be improved, but the third and fourth tier cities are still in the growth period. Therefore, sheet metal enterprises should take the regional market as the base, adopt the channel deepening strategy of distribution to the town, hold product promotion meetings, earnestly deepen and thoroughly, and improve the marketing capacity of the regional market

in a word, while expanding the urban market, Chinese sheet metal enterprises also need to have a sense of innovation, so that consumers can truly feel the cost performance of products, win consumers' reputation and favor, create better services, and attract more dealers to join. Only in this way, the "cake" of the urban market is just around the corner


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