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For the acceptance of hardbound house, circuit is a major focus of acceptance. For self installed houses, although there will be an acceptance of the quality of circuit wiring in the circuit transformation stage, we cannot forget to conduct another acceptance of the circuit after the decoration is basically completed. This acceptance is relatively superficial, but we must not be careless

the electric box is like the blood vessel and heart of a house, and its importance is beyond doubt. Circuit safety is an important guarantee for home life and installation. When checking the electric box, we should try our best to eliminate all situations that are not strict and standard

1. Check the installation height and position of the electric box

the installation standard of the electric box stipulates that the electric box and switch box should be installed correctly and firmly, and should not be inverted or skewed; The electric box shall be installed vertically; The vertical distance between the bottom and the ground shall be greater than or equal to 1.3m and less than or equal to 1.5m; If there are multiple electrical boxes, the distance between electrical boxes shall not be less than 30mm. The specification of the electric box can be checked with support and angle ruler

2. Check the quality of the distribution box

it is best to use insulating materials for the electrical box and cover of the distribution box used. The electrical box must be covered with a cover, and the wires cannot be exposed. In addition, the switch in the distribution box must be firmly installed. During acceptance, shake the switch left and right with force. If it is loose, it should be replaced

3. Check whether the marking of the distribution box is standardized

each shunt switch of the distribution box should have obvious shunt marks. If there is no mark, it needs to be marked by the construction personnel responsible for installation, so as to facilitate the identification and use of the owner. Then check the lines one by one according to the shunting marks to see whether the shunting marks are consistent with the actual situation

4. Check the leakage protection switch

the main power circuit breaker should be set in the distribution box, and the main circuit breaker should have overload short-circuit protection and leakage protection functions. The circuits of lighting, sockets, air conditioners, toilets and kitchens must have separate circuits, and it is not allowed to jump the main gate. The circuit of general circuit breaker, lighting and ordinary socket must have separate leakage protection switch. The protection switch must be sensitive and effective. It can be tested by pressing the test button when it is closed and energized

5. Check whether the wiring is standard

remove the cover of the electrical box and check whether the wiring in the distribution box is standard. It is required that the lines inside must be in order, and the lines cannot be exposed; The incoming and outgoing lines are not allowed to have joints. Seeing the wrapped cloth on the same line proves that there is a problem with the wiring; At the same time, various lines should be clearly distinguished, and the live line should be red line; Blue, green and black lines are used for zero line; Yellow, green and blue wires are used for ground wires




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