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The decoration design drawings of this netizen are shocking! He simply changed the 37 square meter single apartment he bought into three bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom

this “ House type diagram ” The data shows that the building area of the room is about 37.4 square meters, and the actual use area is about 5.1 meters × 5.1 meters, 2 large rooms with an area of 4.75 square meters, small rooms with an area of 3 square meters, kitchens with an area of about 2 square meters, toilets with an area of about 2.8 square meters, and living rooms with an area of about 6.8 square meters. Because “ All walls in the set are not load-bearing walls, so 10 cm thick can be built ”. Get in touch with the owner of the house “ Old seven &rdquo& ldquo; Old seven ” Shenzhen's housing prices are high, “ I hope it can give similar people a reference of lifestyle &rdquo

according to the introduction, “ Old seven ” Surnamed Yin, born in the 1980s, ordinary office staff, non professional designer, married and ready to have children. The 37 square meter small house was a small apartment he bought in Shenzhen Nanyou in August 2009. At that time, he spent 310000 yuan, “ Now it is estimated that it will cost 350000 to buy &rdquo& ldquo; Old seven ” He said that his monthly salary was less than 3000, and his wife's monthly income was less than 2000. He paid 60000 down payment for the house, with a monthly payment of more than 1500

three rooms and two halls are “ Personally designed, without the participation of the design company ”, Of course, “ It's still a design drawing, and it hasn't been decorated yet ”, It is planned to start construction after October 2010& ldquo; The most satisfactory design link is to separate three rooms. At least everyone has their own space, although it is very small& rdquo; When the reporter asked whether the 2.8 square meter bathroom was inconvenient, “ Old seven ” It once seemed a little “ Disdain ”:& ldquo; Have you ever lived in a smaller room? The bathroom I use now is less than 1 square meter& rdquo; As for how to receive guests at home in the future, “ Old seven ” Say: “ Fiveorsix people are OK. Any more is a bit like a bus& rdquo;

more and more people say: “ Now the house price is getting higher and higher, and buying a house has become a distant dream of the post-80s generation. In the future, there will be more and more such small-scale groups& rdquo;

>& gt;& gt; You old house renovation one bedroom households will “ Happy decoration ” Go to the end

>& gt;& gt; You 50000, get rid of the old house of 1 room and 1 hall, and get a new look

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