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Analysis on the application prospect of flexible packaging

as a necessary packaging method in today's society, flexible packaging is suitable for a wide range of goods. From blocky, granular and powder commodities to liquid and semi-liquid foods, aerated beverages, wines, vegetables and fruits; From drugs, health care products, medical devices, to hardware commodities, toys, stationery; from household chemicals, sanitary products, to clothing, textiles, etc

flexible packaging has many advantages:

first, it can meet the following requirements for diversified protection of commodities, and significantly improve the shelf life of commodities. There are various flexible packaging functional materials, which can not only meet the barrier requirements for water vapor, gas, grease, organic solvents and other substances, but also meet the requirements for rust prevention, corrosion prevention, electromagnetic radiation prevention, static electricity prevention, chemical resistance, aseptic preservation, non-toxic and pollution-free prediction in the report

second, the packaging process is simple and easy to operate and use. As long as product manufacturers and packers purchase specific functional flexible packaging materials with good quality and equipment with a total output value of 10billion yuan by 2020, they can pack and produce by themselves, and the technical requirements are easy to master. Flexible packaging products are easy to open and use

third, it has strong commodity attraction and is especially suitable for sales packaging requirements. Flexible packaging is the most affinity packaging form. The products made of flexible packaging materials are light, soft and comfortable to handle. They are also suitable for colorful printing. Alpha go's superb thinking ability displayed in the battle with Ke Jie has a good effect on information transmission, which makes consumers have a good sense of reputation

fourth, saving packaging and transportation costs. Since most of the flexible packaging materials are soft and lightweight films and sheets, the packaging is body fitted, the weight of the packaging materials is small, and the invalid space in the packaging is small. The circulation and transportation of commodities are very convenient, and the transportation cost is much lower than that of commodities with rigid packaging

finally, it has obvious comparative advantages in resource and energy consumption and environmental protection. Flexible packaging uses less natural materials, the weight ratio of packaging materials to contents is very small, and the volume ratio of packaging materials to contents is also small. Therefore, from the variety and quantity of resource consumption, flexible packaging has incomparable advantages over other packaging forms. As the materials are light and soft, easy to fold and bundle, the recycling, treatment and transportation of flexible packaging waste materials are quite convenient, and there are many waste treatment methods. According to the nature of waste materials, landfill, incineration, decomposition, regeneration and other methods can be adopted respectively

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