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Analysis on the advantages of high-efficiency jaw crusher

compared with traditional crushing equipment, high-efficiency jaw sample taking crusher has many advantages in terms of use and technology. Shanyou heavy industry will share with you:

1) high efficiency jaw crusher is a kind of equipment that relies on the rapid impact and vibration of the working mechanism on the material to strengthen the material crushing process. It breaks along the inner layer of the weakest surface of the material, The force required to crush materials is smaller than that of ordinary jaw crusher, which can effectively crush hard and brittle materials

2) the jaw plate has a high impact frequency, and the exciter can obtain a large crushing force with the increase of rotating speed, ensuring a large crushing ratio

3) composition of product particle size after the sample is clamped, the holder must be loosened before stretching to avoid the impact of wear of wear-resistant lining plate. The product granularity of high-efficiency vibrating jaw crusher mainly depends on the thickness of the material layer rather than the size of the discharge port

4) the high-efficiency jaw crusher can work when the crushing chamber is completely full or even overloaded, so it can be conveniently used in the automatic production line

5) due to its large crushing ratio, the high-efficiency jaw crusher can reduce the number of crushing sections, simplify the process flow and reduce the number of auxiliary equipment 11 Curve traversal: measured after the experiment

6) the high-efficiency jaw crusher system is dynamically balanced and flexible vibration isolation is adopted, which can eliminate the transmission of transmission stable dynamic load to the foundation. Therefore, it is not necessary to build a huge and solid equipment foundation, so as to reduce investment

7) under the action of vibration, the high-efficiency jaw crusher can handle products of considerable length, such as reinforced concrete precast slab components, and separate reinforcement and concrete, which can be used for the treatment and recycling of reinforced concrete construction waste

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