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Analysis on the application of paper molded products in electronic product packaging in China pulp molding equipment and products, as a new branch industry in the packaging industry, have sprung up in China in recent years. What is the current development status of this "new army"? What is the market prospect of pulp molded products (industrial packaging products) in the packaging application of electronic products? Through investigation and analysis, the author believes that the market prospect is promising and the problem can not be ignored

promising market prospects

in recent years, the electronic information industry has become an important pillar industry with the fastest development speed, the largest industrial scale, the most foreign trade exports and the highest benefits among China's industrial sectors, and has won new development opportunities for China's packaging industry

1. Electronic products maintain a good trend, bringing new opportunities to the packaging industry

inspired by the spirit of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Third Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the central economic work conference, the electronic information industry should develop in a sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy manner. The regulation and control objectives for the development of electronic information industry in 2004 are as follows: the sales revenue of China's electronic information industry is 2.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 26%; The total export volume was 140billion US dollars, basically the same as that of the previous year. Mobile communications, fixed communications, notebook computers, new color TV sets, information appliances, automotive electronics, etc. will form a hot product market. If digital TV transmission is realized in the future, nearly 500million TV sets will be replaced nationwide, all catalogues and transmission devices will also be replaced, and the product output value will be in the order of 100 billion... Recently, it was learned from the market forecast and analysis report of the state authoritative department that the output will reach 200million sets in 2004, with a growth rate of more than 30%; The output of microcomputers will reach 40million, with a growth rate of more than 50%; The output of color TV sets will reach 72million, an increase of about 10million over 2003; The proportion of high value-added products such as plasma color TV sets and digital color TV sets will be greatly increased; The output of washing machines will reach 20million, an increase of about 5million over 2003; The output of air conditioners will reach 65million units, an increase of 15million units over 2003; The output of refrigerators will reach 26million units, an increase of 6million units over 2003... The packaging materials such as packaging boxes, cushioning pads and pallets required for their products will increase rapidly, and the demand is an amazing number. For example, Shaanxi Xianyang color kinescope Group Co., Ltd. required packaging materials and products last year. The molding shrinkage rate: 0 The expenditure of 7% was 57million yuan, an increase of 15% over the previous year. Qingdao Haier group spent about 300million yuan on packaging of paper products last year; The cost of plastic packaging products was about 200million yuan, an increase of more than 10% over the previous year. Last year, Guangdong Kelong electronics group only spent more than 200 million yuan on air conditioning packaging materials and products, an increase of about 20% over the previous year. Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. spent more than 400million yuan on packaging last year, an increase of more than 10% over the previous year. The rapid development of the electronic information industry is bound to inject vitality into the packaging production enterprises and stimulate the accelerated development of the packaging industry

2. Create "green packaging" for electronic products

at the beginning of last year, the EU issued two decrees, the directive on scrapped electronic and electrical equipment and the directive on prohibiting the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment, which put forward higher environmental requirements for the manufacture of electronic and electrical products. Industry insiders believe that the two EU decrees are mainly aimed at the raw materials, accessories and packaging of electronic products

the two decrees issued by the European Union at the beginning of last year will accelerate the green and environmental protection of global electronic products. The speech of bimax flexible packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. touched on the latest aseptic packaging technology and solution process of medical devices, which is undoubtedly a powerful catalyst for China's electronic products and electronic product packaging to embark on the "green and environmental protection" track. Green packaging conforms to the world green consumption trend and is conducive to breaking through the international green trade barriers. At the same time, it will play a positive role in reducing the damage rate of commodities in circulation and improving the quality of packaged products and the added value of commodities

at present, due to the characteristics of small deformation, the EU import quota for China's household appliances has been unfrozen, and the EU is becoming another important market for China's household appliances export. However, EU countries have strict restrictions and regulations on packaging materials, auxiliary materials and packaging wastes such as wooden pallets, wooden packaging boxes, EPS foamed plastics, adhesives, printing inks, coatings, etc

it is urgent to research, develop, produce, promote and apply "green packaging" materials and products from the perspective of improving the image of green packaging of electronic products, reducing waste recycling costs and avoiding green trade barriers. Honeycomb paperboard and pulp molding can save resources, protect the ecological environment and conform to the international packaging development trend. In recent years, the packaging office of the Ministry of information industry has held a series of activities such as technical exchanges, lectures, training courses, technical seminars, site visits, promotion and application of environmental protection packaging materials such as "pulp molding, honeycomb paperboard" in a multi-form, multi-level and multi-directional way to carry out this work, which is of great significance to the technical improvement, process improvement and Promotion and application have undoubtedly played a positive role in promoting. So far, some achievements have been made, such as small and light electronic products and communication products such as mobile machines, fax machines, printers, electronic organs, etc. pulp molded products have been used to replace EPS foamed plastics as cushioning materials. For example, most of the lining packages of famous brands such as Nokia, Motorola and Samsung, which are widely loved and used by people at present, use pulp molded products. Some exported electronic equipment and household appliances use honeycomb paperboard to replace wooden pallets, packaging boxes and eeps foam plastic cushion liners

during the investigation, we learned that the scientific and technological designers of "Changhong" Packaging Research Institute have studied hard and learned from others' strengths. With the combined application of environmental protection materials such as honeycomb paperboard, corrugated paperboard, paper corner protector and pulp molding, they have gradually formed a solution for the green packaging of "Changhong" brand air conditioners, color TV sets, rear projection, audio-visual and other household appliances. They have gradually replaced EPS foamed plastics and wooden pallets, and achieved gratifying results. Users reported that the use of pulp molding and honeycomb paperboard materials not only reduced the packaging cost (last year, Guangdong Kelong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. only saved more than 6million yuan in air-conditioning packaging; Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. reduced the comprehensive packaging cost by more than 20million yuan); Moreover, it helps to enhance the brand and image of the company, reduce "white pollution", and open a "green channel" for the export of foreign trade enterprises

problems can not be ignored

through several years of visit, investigation, promotion and application, the author learned that the pulp molding industrial products market is still in a "hibernation" state, with poor results. Especially in the packaging of electronic products, the situation is not as good as honeycomb paperboard, and the consumption is large. So far, the application of pulp molded products only accounts for about 2% of the packaging materials consumed by all electronic products. Pulp molded products are only slightly used in the packaging of electronic products and communication products with small volume and light weight, such as mobile machines, fax machines, printers, etc., and have not yet formed a large-scale and large-scale market suitable for the current electronic product market mechanism, which is difficult to meet the needs of household appliance product packaging

why? Is it the user's weak awareness of environmental protection and participation? In my opinion, not exactly. According to the analysis of insiders, at present, we still lack the sense of innovation in the production of pulp molded products, and are in a passive situation of lagging behind in research and development. It is understood that up to now, no domestic pulp molding enterprise has produced packaging products that can support TV sets, rear projectors, computers, picture tubes and other products. Some home appliance manufacturers have been looking forward to pulp molded packaging products with good quality, reliable performance and appropriate price

problems in the production and operation of pulp molded products:

1. The enterprise is small in scale and lacks management, research, development and production strength

at present, the vast majority of pulp molding enterprises are private enterprises, so on the whole, there are still some unsatisfactory aspects. For example, the scale of the enterprise is small, the technical level is low, the independent innovation ability is weak, and the management level is not high. From the external environment, the financing channels of private enterprises are not smooth, the credit guarantee system and venture capital mechanism are not perfect, and the social intermediary service system is not perfect. For example, some pulp molding enterprises have experienced that due to the above reasons and the lack of funds, there are certain difficulties in the work of scientific research, development, design, production, management, publicity, promotion, sales and so on

2. The manufacturing technology and process of equipment and supporting molds are backward

in the investigation and research, the author found that the vast majority of pulp molded products still use the traditional wet papermaking method, and even some wrong original papermaking process. Therefore, in the process of pulp molding production, there are many problems, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, large consumables and few models. In particular, the mold manufacturing means are backward. Therefore, not only the variety is single and the cost remains high, but also the products often have quality problems, such as thin-wall, product moisture regain and poor cushioning performance. The drop test of the pulp molded products produced at present shows that after the first impact, the cushioning performance is greatly reduced or even basically lost (that is, the elasticity is poor), and can not withstand multiple drops or collisions. Objectively speaking, the existing pulp molded parts can be used as a shallow dish liner for general light products or have small volume and light weight. However, it is still a certain distance from the index requirements to be used as a buffer packaging material for electronic products that can completely replace EPS foamed plastics. At present, the fatal weakness of pulp molded products is that their structural strength and cushioning performance are not as good as EPS foamed plastics. At the same time, it is difficult to produce large-scale, high-depth pulp molded products, which can not meet the packaging needs of a large number of household electrical appliances such as televisions, rear projectors, computers, picture tubes and other electronic products, which restricts the promotion and application of pulp molding and the healthy development of the industry

3. The quality standard of raw materials is too low

at present, no national standard has been issued for pulp molding equipment and products. The quality standard of raw materials used by some manufacturing enterprises is too low, which directly affects the appearance color and surface quality of products. Some manufacturing enterprises have neglected the technical performance and index requirements of products, such as flame retardant, moisture-proof, anti-static, mold proof, etc. Therefore, its products are also difficult to meet the market requirements for the packaging of small household appliances such as electronic toys and gifts. For example, some users reported that due to the poor moisture-proof performance and insufficient strength of pulp molded products, they could not withstand the collision and damage during transportation, and even the buffer liner was mildewed, which directly affected the quality of electronic products. The behavior of these enterprises objectively restricts the popularization and application of pulp molded products

4. Poor sense of operation and service

price is the guide, quality is the guarantee, and service is the cornerstone, which is the foundation of enterprise management. Some pulp molding production enterprises are eager for success, quick success and instant benefit, and their management level is low. They not only do not pay attention to product quality, exaggerate hype, and substitute inferior products for good ones, but also do not pay attention to after-sales service. After the products are sold, problems can not be timely helped and solved by users, resulting in some adverse consequences and impacts

5. Lack of policy guidance

according to incomplete data, at present, China's pulp molding (industrial packaging system

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