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Analysis and Research on the operation management of the corrugated box industry in Jiangxi (III)

(IV) adjust and optimize the product structure to promote the carton industry to a higher level

first, qualified enterprises. 1. The manual hydraulic universal material testing machine should develop from the universal production of low-grade cartons to medium and high-grade cartons. Through technological transformation and process reorganization and improvement, we will vigorously develop medium and high-grade cartons with broad market prospects. The development direction of medium and high-grade cartons is: low gram weight, high strength and light weight

the second is to develop from transportation packing cases to sales packing cases (boxes). Sales packaging boxes (boxes) are characterized by high strength and light weight, especially for printing, modeling and decoration design. The development direction of sales packaging box (box) printing is multi-color dot printing; In addition, printing inks are developing towards environmentally friendly water-based inks; Cartoning technology has developed from nailed boxes to glued boxes

(V) vigorously develop new technologies and products, and strive to expand the application field

one of the directions is to aim at the international popular trend of resource-saving micro corrugated packaging, develop new high-grade micro corrugated board direct offset printing process, and accelerate the development of e-corrugated, c-corrugated and f-corrugated fine printed cartons

The second direction is to vigorously develop folding packaging boxes with novel shapes. Due to its beautiful decoration, convenient carrying and environmental protection, the folding packaging box is widely used in the sales and packaging of food, fruits, small household appliances, toys and other commodities

the third direction is to develop gravure or flexo preprint refresh technology to improve the production efficiency of color printing cartons and improve the compressive strength of cartons. Carton preprint refresh technology is especially suitable for the production of large format multi-color long edition printing boxes

the goal of this cooperation project is to "assist the government in solving the downward direction of GDP ranking. The fourth is to expand the application field of corrugated board, and vigorously develop new environmental protection packaging products such as cardboard pallets and ultra-high corrugated board liners that use paper instead of wood and paper instead of plastic.

(VI) Speed up the pace of enterprise information construction and improve the level of production, operation and management of Jiangxi carton industry. Next, we will teach you the working principle of digital sensor of electronic universal experimental machine

corrugated carton enterprises should make full use of modern information technology. They will further challenge to make shopping bags, food boxes, food trays Various types of plastic containers and biodegradable materials carrying them have made great efforts to establish a management information system suitable for the production, management and development strategy of the enterprise. For enterprises with a good informatization foundation, it is necessary to establish an information system of mrpii/erp mode, so that the logistics, information flow, capital flow and workflow in the production operation and management of enterprises can be integrated and integrated, so as to realize the optimal allocation of resources, speed up the response speed of enterprises to the market and environment, and improve the efficiency and level of enterprise management

(VII) carry out total quality management and quality system certification, and promote the quality management of the carton industry to a higher level. The characteristics of corrugated cartons determine the particularity of their product quality management, that is, outstanding economy, strict adaptability, and non repairable products. It can be seen that the implementation of total quality management and quality system certification in the carton industry is not only intrinsically necessary for the production and operation management of enterprises, but also by obtaining ISO9000 series standard certification, enterprise products can gain the trust of users, avoid multiple audits and inspections of various demanders, and shorten the delivery time. In addition, it can also make the products unimpeded in the international market

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