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Analysis and Prospect of the digital printing market

I. market background

① current situation of the color printing market

with the continuous development of the market economy, the business of the motherland is unprecedented prosperous, and all kinds of business activities are extremely active. Since the 1980s, the graphic design rooms of copy and typing shops have sprung up all over the streets. Demand creates the market. In the 1990s, inkjet photography has become a new industry storm sweeping the earth. Up to now, like any traditional industry, the competition has become increasingly fierce. The current situation is that there is a printing shop, a design room, copying, typing, photographing, painting every 50 meters or so With thousands of uniform posters and unchanging services, it is more and more difficult to earn money at a lower price than me

there are still business opportunities in mature markets. After careful analysis of the commercial printing market, it is not difficult to find that the market now presents two extremes. The high-end market is occupied by spray painting, which is characterized by large format, exquisite and strong durability, but the corresponding cost is high investment cost The low-end market is copying and typing, etc. Such products are small in size and simple in form. There are a large number of companies and individuals at the high-end and low-end, sharing them together, but what about the middle end? We define the mid-range market as color output with a format of A1-A3. For the middle-end market, the service range is very wide: pop, posters, leaflets, engineering drawings, renderings, wedding photography, digital proofing, short version color printing And so on, but the means of implementation is almost blank. Low end products cannot meet the requirements. Although high-end products can be achieved, they are expensive and slow This leads to a blank market in mature businesses

② the cutting demand of short print

Digital short print is relative to traditional offset printing. Although today's traditional offset printing has reached a quite high level in terms of printing speed, printing quality and equipment performance, today, with the high development of Commerce and the promotion of personalized business services, flexibility has become another important indicator to measure market competitiveness

modern business activities demand instant and flexible prints, and information, content, and promotional materials will soon become obsolete. While traditional offset printing, printing a large number of prints with poor effectiveness at one time, although it will reduce the cost of single sheets, it is impossible to have such a large demand at all, and the overprint part has actually become waste. Digital printing really caters to the ever-changing demand for commercial prints, and prints a small number of flexible varieties quickly

a new printing method ----- digital short edition printing was born in the new printing market environment

③ personalized digital color reproduction is rapidly becoming popular

with the rapid popularization of digital technology, digital cameras have also flown into the homes of ordinary people in ten days, and the digital color reproduction market has been formed. However, the digital color reproduction service is far from meeting the demand, because digital printing equipment is very expensive and cannot blossom everywhere, but what people need is convenient and fast digital production services This has formed a huge market! Compared with the traditional color enlargement industry, digital image has a more attractive and unique charm. It can realize many personalized images more conveniently Pictures and texts can be made at will, and the effect can be previewed. The material of cf01 and cf02 packages is polyurea, a bridge deck waterproof material. The product is immediately desirable Don't you need such a service

based on digital technology, more production systems have been developed, such as stereoscopic images Three dimensional wedding dress Photo Dynamic mtv Electronic photo album Electronic business cards, etc More and more people are provided with more colorful fashion service choices, and the prospect of this market is infinite

II. Market strategy

some of the markets mentioned above are completely blank, and some individuals or companies have been committed to hype. However, developing software and supporting hardware equipment on relatively simple projects can neither fully meet the market demand, nor give full play to the potential of hardware equipment, resulting in low investment benefit ratio, long payback period and increased risk for investors. Yingsi digital fast printing system integrates a variety of functional software, and adheres to the principle of simplicity and easy operation in design and promotion, so that those without computer foundation can easily learn and operate smoothly. As a result, the mysterious technology locked in the boudoir can be easily mastered and quickly popularized. The digital express system provided by yingsi Digital Express Printing integrates multiple functions in one store. The products made are personalized, fashionable and unique. It is a good project for small and medium-sized investors to start businesses

III. investment analysis

how can we get the best return on investment in such a broad market space and such a wide business scope? Professional digital color expansion equipment and digital short printing equipment require tens of millions of investment. Large professional companies carry out investment operations independently, such as Fuji in the color expansion industry, Kodak, Mr. fast printing in the fast printing industry, etc. millions of investment may have a higher return in the metropolis. For more small and medium-sized cities and counties, such a huge investment is not realistic. What's more, the advantage of 4.2 sample selection is that digital services are convenient, fast and instant. How can such a high threshold and so few service providers meet the market demand? Based on the in-depth understanding of the market and digital technology, the company has integrated and launched the digital fast printing chain scheme. The investment only needs tens of thousands of yuan, and more fashionable services are integrated, which increases the business volume, including more improved communication and exchange in the industry and more profit points. It is the upgrading of traditional copy and typing shops, photo studios, and printing shops. The business model can be carried out in the county and even larger towns. When our fast printing chain stores develop to a certain number, the central city or general agent of our district can invest in a fast printing center store, add more professional equipment, and combine with the existing fast printing chain network to realize network transmission, network design, logistics and distribution. Our chain business can get broader and more stable development

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