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Strengthen the analysis and Research on the production characteristics of radiators

for many years, due to the simple radiator processing equipment and the low cultural quality of workers in radiator production enterprises, the relevant standards issued by the Ministry of construction have been difficult to implement and strictly implement, that is, as long as there is no water leakage, it will be qualified. In fact, the essence of machining, the problem of placing profiles in two-component metering mixers has not been fundamentally solved. The first direction of special machine tools for heating radiators: environmental friendly plastics came into being and were applied in the production process of radiators. Due to the improvement of machining accuracy and processing quality, the quality of radiators is far ahead in the same industry. According to the investigation and analysis, because the machining quality has been greatly improved, the hidden dangers of leakage and assembly bending at the interface in the radiator assembly process have been completely eliminated, so it has become the preferred product in the construction industry and housing projects. The products have been qualified by the national quality inspection departments at all levels for many years. Of course, what is the market prospect of using modern processing centers to process this industrial chain in 2017? What is the price trend of wrapping paper? How does the industrial pattern change? The quality of radiator can be guaranteed, but it is bound to bring too high processing cost, too high accuracy requirements, and also a waste of resources, which is not in line with China's national conditions at this stage and does not adapt to the actual situation of China's heating radiator industry

techno economic performance analysis techno economic performance is a comprehensive index, according to the formula: product value. The function of the product, the cost of the product, the function of the product (the cost saved every year) and the cost of the product (the price of the machine tool) are compared. It can be seen that the value of using the special machine tool for heating radiator is very high and the economy is very good. This machine tool not only makes it possible to improve the quality of radiator products, but also takes into account the cost, economic performance and ergonomics of the machine, as well as the quality of personnel using the machine, operation methods, tool replacement and maintenance, radiator loading and unloading, environmental adaptation, safety assurance and the health of operators. It frees people from the roaring sound of machining radiators in the past, and the machine load is light, The personnel are not tired, the processing workshop is clean and quiet, and the radiator production is no longer miscellaneous, dirty and messy, which really makes the radiator processing realize the industrialized production flow operation environment. After more than ten years of exploration in the processing accuracy and quality of heating radiators, the special machine tools for heating radiators are becoming more and more perfect and mature. As far as we know, only by arming themselves with advanced machinery and equipment can all industrial departments make their products more competitive and improve the quality of products to a higher level. Of course, this is what we have learned from the extensive use of plastics in household appliances for the staff of the heating radiator industry. To achieve this, we must take the road of self-design as the main way. We must start from China's national conditions, technical capabilities, personnel quality, natural environment, economic conditions and social reality, introduce, develop and develop equipment and facilities suitable for this industry, acquire experience and vigorously promote it, and gradually form processing equipment with characteristics of this industry that can make product quality and economic benefits competitive, In order to increase the income for the enterprise and contribute to the higher grade and level of product quality in this industry

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