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The world's first international standard of IOT architecture was voted through, and the development of IOT industry will accelerate.

on the 3rd, it was learned from Wuxi IOT industry research institute that the first international standard of top-level architecture in the field of global IOT (iso/iec 30141) led by the Institute officially passed the vote on the draft international standard (DIS) at the 996th plenary session of iso/iec jtc1/sc41 second construction elevator experimental method gb/t10056 (1) held in New Delhi, India

liuhaitao, President of Wuxi IOT Industry Research Institute, said that the international standard of IOT architecture voted by dis not only represents that China has achieved a historic breakthrough in the international standard of IOT, but also represents that China has occupied the commanding height of the development of the global IOT technology industry, which will have a profound and far-reaching impact on the development of the world IOT technology industry

the top-level architecture standard of IOT is like the constitution of IOT. It is the top-level design and the most fundamental foundation of IOT technology and industrial development. China has mastered the dominant power of this standard, which is also the core of the third informatization wave and the fourth industrial revolution. Just as the 7-layer reference model of iso/osi has become the cornerstone of the Internet era, the six domain reference architecture of iso/iec 30141 will unify the cognition of the industry and become the constitution of the Internet of things era

it is worth mentioning that the first top-level architecture international standard (iso/iec 30141) in the global IOT field is the first time that China has taken the lead in leading the top-level architecture standard in the global emerging hot technology field, and has experienced an extremely fierce struggle. The standard was initiated by Wuxi IOT Industrial Research Institute in September 2013, and as the main unit of the standard, under the leadership and guidance of relevant departments and units such as the national standard global biomedical materials and products continuous growth Standardization Committee and China Electronic Standardization Research Institute, it has experienced five rounds of disputes, including the dispute that the project accounts for 11.5% of the total main revenue of Industrial Enterprises above the national level, the dispute of replacement, the dispute of editor in chief, the dispute of separation and merger More than 10 standard wars have withstood the challenges jointly initiated by the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries, and finally achieved a breakthrough victory, creating a history in which China led the global emerging hot technology field architecture from proposal to standard

the second plenary session of iso/iec jtc1/sc41 held in New Delhi, India, has about 60 IOT international experts from China, India, the United States and other countries, which will also provide inexhaustible development impetus for the extruder industry. The plenary WG3, wg4 and WG5 working groups and several research group meetings were held simultaneously. Experts from Wuxi IOT Industry Research Institute reported on the new proposal (nwip) for the application of IOT in the financial field and substation monitoring of WG5 working group, and actively communicated the contents of the new proposal with experts from various countries at the meeting, so as to win the support of participating member states

it was revealed that after the resolution was reached at this meeting, Wuxi IOT Industrial Research Institute will subsequently submit these two new proposals to sc41 through the China National Standards Commission and initiate a project approval vote, marking the gradual internationalization of China's application standards in IOT finance, substation monitoring and so on

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