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Enterprises' new choice of packaging outsourcing

people are not very clear about the business situation of packaging companies that pay by piece. On the one hand, in Germany, enterprises cannot afford the high labor cost for the work that depends on manual operation; On the other hand, the development trend of outsourcing is to seek external human resources, which is also reflected in the packaging industry. "We are optimistic about the future development prospects of packaging contractors, because the production cycle of products is shorter and shorter, the production batch is smaller and smaller, the variety of products is more and more, and the degree of packaging is more and more cumbersome." Said Mr. Renate hasenohr of Kr porsiplast. The enterprise develops and produces conveying and packaging equipment and provides services, including the production of outer packaging, plastic bags, sleeves and hot pressing packaging materials, as well as special packaging molding and installation of displays. Also belonging to this work is the formulation of special packaging schemes for users

the prospect of packaging contracting is promising

cargopack is also optimistic about the prospect of the industry: "we note that manufacturers are willing to entrust packaging tasks to outsourcing units." Said Mr. Friedrich stuwe, general manager of cargopack industrial packaging Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of kuehne+nagel. According to him, professional packaging companies can rely on their work experience in many fields to optimize various packaging processes, which has an advantage in cost. At the same time, for large customers, even a certain amount of operation equipment is worth it. On the other hand, because the packaging company's own department undertakes the packaging work, its fixed packaging cost accounting is also understood by the entrusting unit, which strengthens the sense of trust of cooperation. Cargopack, through its eight subsidiaries, undertakes a wide variety of tasks, from undertaking single piece packaging contracts to industrial equipment packaging and piece packaging business to customer units

the tasks of gissler & pass family business in Juelich are roughly the same. The company has 450 employees in its four divisions engaged in transportation packaging, sales packaging and pallet display, as well as the supply of shelf boxes. "The cooperative packaging services we provide are very rich. We believe that customers will increasingly accept our service quotations in the future for the sake of saving time and cost." Mr. Thomas gissler Weber, general manager of gissler & pass, firmly believes in this. The company has won its own factory in undertaking packaging business and cooperative packaging. Its long-term partner, mroos displaybau+co packaging, which has now become its branch, is engaged in the business of cooperative packaging through the entrustment of gissler & pass

generally speaking, the manufacturer spends little time from receiving the order to the delivery date, and the larger the order, the shorter the delivery time required by the user. In this volatile production situation, the number of operators owned by the manufacturer is often insufficient, so facing this challenge, the manufacturer is generally unwilling or unable to increase the packaging process at a better cost in its own production process. "Professional packaging companies can generally better meet this requirement, because their organizational structure is designed to adapt to this work, for example, working hours can be more flexible." Hasenohr affirmed. "The professional division of labor of the packaging company reduces the working pressure for users and helps users adapt to market changes faster and more flexibly."

one of the main reasons against entrusting the outsourcing unit with the recovery of the international market of the packaging task committee is often emotional. People worry that doing so will lose the monitoring of their products and technologies, and will also lose quality. In addition, there are other reasons: if the products of downstream enterprises are bad, it is impossible to get rid of them easily after signing the peace agreement. The consultation conducted by Berlin based berndt+partner enterprise consulting company last year showed that product manufacturers were very dissatisfied with packaging companies. From this point of view, the packaging work of professional packaging companies still lacks sufficient transparency

in addition, although it is sometimes necessary to entrust professional packaging companies with strong flexibility, outsourcing also has its limitations. "If we can find the right partners to cooperate and the cooperation conditions are suitable, I don't see any limitations." Hasenohr believed this, and he gave an example: "if packaging belongs to an inseparable part of automated production (3) installation and use; the above situation may occur, and it is meaningless to give up this excellent production process." Weidmueller company, located in Detmold, is a manufacturer of electrical connectors. It never entrusts the packaging task to external units. Most components are packaged on a packaging line (part of the automatic assembly line) after assembly. The special one is the conductor board connector. "Our users want to integrate this connector directly into their production line." Horst Kalla, who is in charge of external publicity of weidmueller company, said, "so we give this product to relevant enterprises that can place this component directly on the assembly line." Because it is an automatic packaging operation, the pin is processed together with other SMT components (surface assembly technology) at one time

outsourcing processing is not always cost-effective

if the transportation volume is too large, it is obvious that outsourcing processing will encounter difficulties. In this case, entrusting external units to pack will show disadvantages in terms of benefits. If the products to be packaged are transported to the outsourcing unit for packaging, and the transportation safety and product quality cannot be guaranteed, outsourcing will also encounter obstacles. However, in sensitive industries, such as pharmaceutical industry, outsourcing packaging has been put on the agenda. Although the quality requirements for packaging enterprises are usually very high, pharmaceutical enterprises still need to pay attention to special production procedures. Representatives of government agencies and FDA (food and drug administration, U.S. health agencies) should regularly inspect the production process. In this regard, it is necessary for people to think about the investment in new warehouses and packaging equipment. Klocke took this step. The company believes that "with the improvement of production capacity, we should adapt to the current situation of pharmaceutical outsourcing packaging while our business grows." In 2003, the company established a new packaging line and an elevated warehouse with 3000 storage spaces in weingarten/baden. The company has 200 employees and has invested about 8million euros. At present, it has about 400 users worldwide. Its production planning is carried out in strict accordance with GMP, that is, the provisions of the pharmaceutical industry. The primary packaging and secondary packaging are carried out separately in the fully air-conditioned rooms with ventilation and filtration facilities. For humidity sensitive products since the construction of the project was officially started in June this year, additional air-conditioning equipment is installed in the three rooms. There are 14 packaging lines, two sachet equipment (four side sealed bags), pvc/pvdc aluminum deep stay wire, COC and other laminated plastic films, aluminum seals, manual and special molding machines and other equipment in the factory

it is difficult for some enterprises to make a decision whether to entrust the packaging task to external units. In fact, the reason for evaluating the lantern show is very simple. As long as the outsourcing unit can meet two main conditions, it can achieve long-term and fruitful cooperation with the entrusting party. These two conditions are: reliability and flexibility

"the ideal relationship between customers and outsourcing packaging companies should be a close and constructive cooperation. By combining the advantages of the two enterprises, we can achieve better results." Hasenohr added. "If the customer and the packaging company can achieve the ideal relationship, then it can ensure that the packaging company can enter the project stage as soon as possible, so as to give full play to the advantages of the two cooperation units."

you should not have no intention of investment

in addition, it is indispensable to establish a good mutual trust and normal contact relationship. It is also very important to check whether the enterprise is possible and willing to invest in advance. At the same time, it also needs to observe the long-term economic situation of partners. Finally, it becomes very easy to further expand the scope of cooperation on the basis of successful cooperation

technical equipment is not the decisive factor. As stuwe said, "we believe that in terms of the working ability of packaging enterprises, the overall quality of their employees is crucial, which is more important than technical equipment."

the traditional technical conditions, namely plant and lifting capacity, can be achieved anytime, anywhere under the current working conditions. The working quality of personnel is completely different. "For cargopack, investing in improving the working quality of employees is the most important condition to improve the business ability of the enterprise, although our enterprise's equipment has reached the first-class level." Stuwe emphasized. He also pointed out: "outsourcing packaging is to provide customers with regular packaging services, which must be consistent with the customer's workflow. The prerequisite for effective work is to match the organized work steps." In this sense, the effective organization of information processing is also part of the technical conditions. That is to say, effective and comfortable logistics data exchange should be carried out between production, packaging and shipping

for drug customers, safety is the most important; In trade, time is money. Especially in the stage of promotion or transportation of special drugs, when non automated packaging procedures (such as sorting cartons) are used, the packaging operations should be counted in hours

the replacement packaging and new product introduction measures required for the external market can be entrusted to a packaging company. "According to the requirements of users, the assembled display can also be directly transported to the point of sale, shopping malls or central warehouses." Gissler Weber said. (end)

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