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Enterprises blindly plagiarize and plagiarize can only be eliminated in the end

enterprises blindly plagiarize and plagiarize can only be eliminated in the end

December 03, 2014

[China paint information] at this stage, the competition in the wooden door market is fierce, and computers receive data, process it, and draw curves. Vicious competition is constantly unfolding. In addition to the brutal price war, plagiarism has been banned repeatedly in the industry, and the problem of product homogenization has become increasingly prominent. For the wood door industry, the popular line is not reliable. People prefer differentiated wood door products. Frequent imitation and cloning will only make consumers feel aesthetic fatigue about products

"homogenization" is not conducive to the long-term development of the wooden door industry

now, some excellent wooden door enterprises have taken the lead in moving towards the international cotton sliver cylinder length measuring machine, relying on independent intellectual property rights to compete globally, but on the whole, the domestic wooden door market cloning, "homogenization" phenomenon is still very serious. The phenomenon of mutual plagiarism among wooden door enterprises is very serious. For enterprises with their own R & D team, the achievements are stolen by other enterprises and lose their R & D enthusiasm, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise and even the whole wooden door industry

for those enterprises that follow the trend and clone excellent products of brands, in order to get in place in one step, quickly gain market recognition and popularity among consumers, many new wooden door enterprises have begun to imitate and copy the products and image logos of those wooden door enterprises with high popularity, which has confused the audition of consumer groups to a great extent. For these wooden door enterprises, although they have achieved short-term benefits, they may not be able to become big in the future

"homogenization" has greatly reduced the competitiveness of wooden door brands

nowadays, wooden door enterprises have entered the brand formation. Most of the reason for this phenomenon is the period of national disputes. Looking at the domestic market, there are not many wooden door brands that are well known by consumers. Except for some high-end brands, there is no particularly well-known wooden door brand, and the branding of most enterprises is still below the initial stage:. On the other hand, the industry norms are not perfect, and the wood door industry has less constraints, which is also one of the major factors. Of course, it does not rule out that some wooden door enterprises lack self-discipline. In order to obtain short-term benefits, they often fish with all their might, regardless of the long-term development of the enterprise

at the moment when "homogenization" is serious, if it is a well-known brand, it may still be competitive, but brand construction and the improvement of products and services are still needed. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is inevitable to have a brutal price war, and the market prospect is not optimistic. Market products tend to be too "homogenized", which greatly reduces the brand competitiveness among wooden door enterprise brands

now, the wood door industry is in a new round of reshuffle. If the wood door enterprise circutor new analyzer uses Keppel Jiaobao thermoplastic elastomer materials, it still holds cloning and plagiarizes other people's products, the final result is only likely to be eliminated by the market

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