A paper mill in Hulan was fined 630000 for secretl

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A paper mill in Hulan was fined 630000 for secretly discharging sewage. Release date: Source: new evening news recently, a paper mill in Hulan District of Harbin was fined 630700 for secretly discharging sewage

Harbin Mingyuan Paper Co., Ltd. is located in Changling Town, Hulan District. Not long ago, when the Harbin Ecological Environment Bureau inspected the enterprise, it found that the enterprise used the papermaking sewage rapid sedimentation tower to treat papermaking wastewater in the process of papermaking production, mixed the paper paddle mud produced in the process of wastewater treatment with sewage, and discharged it into the two 40 meter long and wide manual hydraulic directional valves in the plant yard with three parts of about 10 meters long and about 5 meters deep, which were not treated for seepage prevention, Use seepage pit to discharge water pollutants

the relevant person in charge of Harbin Ecological Environment Bureau said that those who discharge water pollutants by using seepage wells, seepage pits, cracks, karst caves, privately setting up concealed pipes, tampering with or falsifying monitoring data, or abnormal operation of water pollution prevention and control facilities to evade supervision, shall be ordered to correct or ordered to restrict production, stop production for remediation by the competent environmental protection department of the people's government at or above the county level, and shall also be fined between 100000 and 1million, which is equivalent to Thailand; If the circumstances are serious, it shall be reported to the people's government with the power of approval and ordered to suspend business or close down

after discovering the illegal behavior of the enterprise, Harbin Ecological Environment Bureau issued to it the "order to correct the illegal price 1 rise and then rise behavior, and determine the important factors that affect the performance, accuracy and service life of the tensile testing machine"; At the same time, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, 630700 administrative fines were imposed on the enterprise

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