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On August 12, the State Council clearly proposed to ensure that the loan growth rate of small and micro enterprises is not lower than the average level of various loans. The continuous transfusion of financial policies to the real economy is like choosing to send carbon. However, the reality is cruel. Many enterprises in Lishui, Zhejiang Province are falling into a debt crisis caused by mutual insurance, joint insurance and usury

in the interview, many entrepreneurs told that this is a highly contagious and has entered the outbreak period. Every time the economy unfolds a crisis in Shanghai. It is likely to cause the industry they have been doing for decades to be wasted. I saw that there were only twoorthree people chatting in such a large collective office, and the tables between the cubicles were empty. The machines in the plant are no longer running, only a few workers are guarding the plant, and rusty iron pipes lie in the open space outside

an entrepreneur named ye yongpei told that in 2013, the factory stopped production and went out of business due to the bankruptcy of the guaranteed enterprise, which affected Yongbang packaging, resulting in the fracture of its capital chain. Because the company's bank account was frozen, the company sold all raw materials and semi-finished products, paid workers more than 600000 yuan in wages, paid more than 100000 yuan in electricity, and paid all taxes and water charges. Yongbang packaging is the largest manufacturer of plastic woven bags in Southwest Zhejiang, with an annual output value of 90million yuan and stable customers. However, at present, it is involved in lawsuits due to mutual insurance and joint insurance. At the end of this year and the beginning of next year, there are still two loans totaling more than ten million yuan to be repaid. Due to being drawn out by the bank, there is no hope of renewing the loan. If the current state is continued, bankruptcy will only cause the tension of the specimen to be reduced to the set allowable value time problem

mutual insurance and joint guarantee was previously considered as a way to keep warm in groups, but now it is more like burning a fire and continuous camp.

the system of mutual insurance and joint guarantee began as a way of loan for farmers who lack collateral. Because of the good economic situation, this model can help many enterprises revitalize their funds, which is widely popularized by commercial banks as a guarantee for small and medium-sized enterprises, and is the fastest to be promoted in Zhejiang Province, where the private economy is developed

according to the data of Hangzhou Central Branch of the people's Bank of China in the first half of the year, the balance of non-performing loans of financial institutions in Zhejiang Province was 104.59 billion yuan, and the non-performing loan ratio was 1.65%, an increase of about 0.3% over the same period last year. The non-performing loan ratio of Lishui City has increased for 10 consecutive months, and the official economic analysis is also vigilant against the slowdown of economic growth caused by the problems of mutual insurance and joint insurance

Mr. Gao, a lot of printing and packaging enterprises in Zhejiang Province, said that they were facing a dilemma.

many enterprise executives felt that the cost of capital was rising, and that there was no hope to continue like this. It was better to auction off the factory mortgage directly, but they felt sorry for the old employees who started their business at the beginning. The bank will do everything possible to let you repay the loan and tell you that you will renew the loan. At this time, the enterprise trusts the bank very much, so it goes to borrow usury to repay the loan, but the bank finally tells the enterprise that it can't renew the loan for any reason, and then withdraws the loan from the enterprise, and the enterprise is saddled with long-term usury. When he and the bank said that there was still a gap in renewal funds, some banks would also help introduce private lending companies

the general interest rate of Lishui local usury is about 6 points per month, which has a complete set of operation methods. Enterprises usually use usury funds for no more than 10 days, and when enterprises are pulled out of loans by banks, things become serious. When the lender believes that the enterprise cannot repay, he will sue all the enterprise's IOUs to the court. It is worth mentioning that because the enterprise used usury as bridge funds before, the repayment time in the loan contract is often very short, usually about two months. Business owners also said that similar problems occur frequently, and loan sharks are also facing the dilemma of capital return, and life is not easy. At present, the local 6-point monthly interest rate in Lishui is already the price of acquaintances

enterprises with usury will be the first to fail, and enterprises that guarantee them will also be hard to escape. These things bring not only economic difficulties, but also an invisible crisis of trust. Yeyongpei said with a wry smile: Recently, someone said that I borrowed more than 100 million from the bank, and then went to Macao to gamble and lost tens of millions. But I went to Thailand eight years ago, and what is the distance between the markings? The distance given by different standards mostly has a certain difference, and has been in China since then

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