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Enterprises attach importance to the orderly development of the unified "standard" hardware industry

repeated anti-dumping of Chinese hardware from abroad shows that there are still quality problems in China's hardware industry, and it also shows that there is no unified standard for China's hardware industry. Who has the standard, who has the market! Whoever takes the lead in participating in the standard will participate in the future! With the deepening of global economic integration, "standards" have become increasingly important in the global market competition. Industry expert Luo Baihui pointed out that hardware enterprises should timely understand and master the regulations and standard requirements of the importing countries of exported hardware tools on the safety of electric tools, such as the latest European Union standard requirements for electric tools; Enterprise product design and quality management personnel should be familiar with and understand the standards. When developing and designing products, they should not only consider the shape and function of the products, but also pay attention to the safety performance of the products according to the inspection standards of the exporting countries. The designed product has market value only if it meets the inspection standard of the first set of major technical equipment certification project in Fujian Province in 2018 recommended by the inspection and Quarantine Department of the exporting country. Luo Baihui believes that at present, the entry threshold of the hardware industry is low, the standards of hardware enterprises are not very perfect, some hardware products lack the definition of standards, the quality level is uneven, and the good and the bad are mixed. " Some consumers' understanding of products is also sloppy, and they know very little about the standards of the industry. Whether it is small hardware or large hardware, the hardware industry lacks unified standards, so the hardware industry has been in a state of standards, but the high and low temperature experiments are different and imperfect. Luo Baihui pointed out that there are many kinds of hardware products, and the upgrading is fast. There is still a way to go to establish a molding hardware standard. Leading enterprises in the hardware industry are needed to do such a thing. And we need to set up a special audit organization for five industrial manufacturing compared with the gold standard a few decades ago. Only in this way can it become a system

from the above analysis, it shows that the hardware industry lacks unified standards. In the case of fierce competition at home and abroad, we should establish our own standard organization, and the leading enterprises of hardware should take the lead to do this, so as to ensure the orderly and healthy development of the hardware industry

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