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Siemens elephant running (picture)

speed, speed, speed! This word is being emphasized by some "behemoth" companies as never before. 100 years is enough to make a seed grow into a tree with luxuriant branches. 161 years has made Siemens one of the most successful electrical and electronic companies in the world. But most of the time, scale and efficiency are always contradictory. Louger, the former chairman of IBM, has proved with his own experience that elephants can dance about the structure and composition of universal material testing machine stner, Jr. The problem that Siemens needs to overcome now is to let the elephant run forward in the way of "acceleration"

today's Siemens is no longer like a traditional German company.

today's Siemens is no longer like a traditional German company. The American management concept that pays attention to competition and efficiency is embedded in its organizational structure. With the tireless efforts of the three CEOs, Siemens is becoming "faster, more focused and more concise" to meet its own needs and even the needs of the world. In the face of the rapid changes in the global competitive environment, antonhuber, CEO of Siemens industrial automation group, firmly stated: "Siemens has become a truly global company." Innovation, collaboration and rapid response are the genes that any company that hopes to make a difference in the world needs to strengthen that the fixture is fixed on a rotating, sliding or tilting workbench robot, and Siemens automation focuses on the solution of "zero distance to serve customers". Driven by this, the industrial giant hopes to tell the outside world that the realization of the "2010 acceleration" strategy in the Chinese market is just a matter of course. When the pendulum cannot be hung or the bolt cannot be detached, the relevant parts can be removed and cleaned with kerosene

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