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Enterprises have increased their investment in smart electricity or raised the tide of investment

Siyuan electric announced yesterday (December 30) that the company plans to invest 228million yuan in the high-tech industrialization project of digital substations and high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation system devices. This project is "to meet the needs of the development of power equipment brought by the development of smart electricity, first of all, in the laboratory environment"

according to the daily economy, as the polyurethane material for automotive ceiling is the most demanding of all automotive polyurethane materials, and the smart electricity standard system and smart electricity planning are about to emerge, more and more power equipment manufacturers have begun to make targeted layout

preemptive layout

"the improvement of equipment technology is the key to building smart electricity." Zhu Chengzhang, deputy director of the energy economy special committee of the China Energy Research Association, said in an interview with the daily economy that smart electricity has a large demand for equipment

according to the statistics of the Ministry of electricity and UHV construction of the people's Republic of China, more than 70% of the annual investment of more than 200 billion yuan of state electricity will be converted into equipment and materials

according to relevant media reports, the electricity investment of Guodian in 2010 will be about 270 billion yuan, while the total investment in the intelligent construction of non incoming calls is expected to reach more than 400 billion yuan, which is undoubtedly a huge "cake" for equipment enterprises

simply summarize the testing items and methods. According to the information from Sieyuan electric, the project invested by the company is expected to form an annual production capacity of 1000 sets of high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation system devices and 800 sets of shr5000 digital substation system devices after completion in 2012, and the annual production capacity can achieve an output value of 2billion yuan

there are not a few enterprises similar to Sieyuan electric

on October 30, 2009, Zhongyuan Huadian landed on the gem and plans to raise 185MILLION yuan to invest in projects such as intelligent power dynamic data recording devices, which will increase the production capacity of 2500 units/year

according to relevant sources of Nari, the company is also fully prepared for the pilot work of smart electricity in 2010. The company has set up several departments for relevant research and development in the past half a year. The 500kV digital substation of Guilin station in Guangxi undertaken by the company is also the first 500kV fully digital substation in China

competition begins

according to Zhu Chengzhang, in terms of smart electricity, the focus of state power and southern power is different. The former mainly focuses on power transmission and transformation, while the latter focuses on intelligent distribution

"but each requires a large number of equipment." Zhu Chengzhang said that considerable investment is needed in transmission equipment, distribution equipment and user meters

he believes that the intellectualization of electricity means that the degree of automation should be greatly improved, and the changes of users' watches will be fundamental. "Both sides are required to have communication. For example, electricity can be told to users through smart meters. Now the power is tight, and users are expected to use less electricity."

according to the calculation of relevant institutions, after the construction of smart electricity is fully launched, relevant enterprises will face a market with a scale of more than 5billion yuan per year, and will fully benefit from the construction of smart electricity

and the competition for this market has begun now

it is understood that Guodian has begun to carry out pilot projects of smart electricity construction in Anhui, Shandong and other places. Among them, the unified bidding has been completed for the meters of general machinery and equipment involved in the above projects, such as intelligent transportation, separation, crushing, grinding and drying of some fluids and solids. The first batch bidding under the name of smart electricity has attracted more than 600 electricity meter enterprises across the country

Where does

4 trillion come from

the investment of state power in the construction of smart electricity in the future will be more than 400 billion yuan. As smart electricity is also to cope with the huge new energy power generation in the future, the construction of a comprehensive new energy power generation system is expected from all aspects. The total investment scale of smart electricity will be close to 4trillion yuan by 2020

for a long time, there have been different voices in the industry about planning such a large investment when the meaning, planning and prospect have not been clear

"it is inappropriate for enterprises to take the lead in promoting such a large project." Jiangshaojun believes that we should start from the foundation, "first understand the meaning of smart electricity, then make planning, then scientific research and standard formulation, and then design and test projects."

hanxiaoping, CEO of China energy, recently wrote an article, in which he raised some questions about smart electricity. "How to make rational use of electricity? How long does it take?" He told the daily economy that the biggest problem of smart electricity construction is money. Where does such a huge investment come from? What will be the distribution of investment? How to control the cost? How to ensure economic benefits? These need to be clear

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