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Northeast enterprises have increased one after another, and the glass peak season may come.

in recent days, the prices of glass manufacturers in the Northeast market have begun to rise. Many insiders seem to see the dawn of attention to every move of the Northeast market. Is the peak season of the glass market really coming

on the 12th, the nature of Xinyi Group increased uniformly, and the price of Yingkou Xinyi increased by yuan/weight box. This price rise is mainly due to the news of natural gas price rise. The production costs of enterprises have increased significantly. In addition, with the advent of the traditional peak season, manufacturers have intended to boost the market for a long time. Therefore, a relatively large price rise has been formed since this round of market downturn, which can well detect the process performance of related products and the internal defects of their products

affected by this, the prices of Shenyang Yaohua and Benxi Yujing in Liaoning market increased slightly, but due to the relatively large inventory pressure, the increase of manufacturers was only yuan/weight box. Followed by the rise of Jilin and Heilongjiang enterprises, Shuangliao Yingxin and Heilongjiang Jiaxing have planned to raise the price of white glass by yuan/weight box tomorrow. Manufacturers in Qinhuangdao and Qian'an markets, which are greatly affected by the Northeast market, are also brewing to increase the market

as the most prominent area of domestic supply and demand contradiction, the Northeast market is not one of them. Since 2014, prices have plummeted, and inventory has broken through historical highs for a long time, which is difficult to digest. Today, with the traditional peak season approaching, production enterprises have increased to varying degrees, which has attracted the attention of the market

since the beginning of summer, the supply of goods in the Northeast market has continuously impacted the markets in North China, East China and even South China, which makes the insiders have to close this "inconspicuous" region. 24. Host weight: 40kg note. Even some insiders believe that the improvement of the domestic glass market depends on the improvement of the Northeast market

then whether the Northeast market can really improve, let's take a specific look at the current situation of the local market

it is understood that in recent days, the delivery of goods in the Northeast market is still relatively slow. The delivery rate of manufacturers is about 70%, and the inventory shows a slow increase trend, creating new highs in inventory again and again. Enterprises with high inventory do not have the conditions to raise prices, but it is a common way for enterprises to raise prices at the beginning of the peak season to boost the market

in terms of production capacity, although two production lines have been cold repaired in the local market in recent months, the tonnage of cold repair production lines is small, which is still a drop in the bucket for the Northeast market with serious overcapacity. However, the terminal demand is still weak, which is difficult to be effectively improved in the short term

to sum up, zhuochuang believes that there is no substantial improvement in the Northeast market at present, and the pressure on manufacturers' sales and inventory is still high. The market price rise this time is mostly a boost for manufacturers, and the effect has not yet appeared. Zhuochuang information predicts that in the later stage, the Northeast market is still weak, and it is unlikely that the short-term price will rise again

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