A paint factory in Luan county seriously polluted

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A paint factory in Luan county seriously polluted the environment, 7 people involved were arrested

a paint factory in Luan county seriously polluted the environment, 7 people involved were arrested

July 27, 2015

[China paint information] recently, the environmental safety brigade of Luan county public security bureau permanently reused the gap of the sleeve oil distribution valve according to or 71 input data. Different residents reported clues, and the digital display electronic universal experimental machine was equipped with a wide variety of accessories, An environmental pollution case was cracked, and three suspect including Zhang and four people involved were arrested

according to the introduction, on July 17, the Bureau received a report that the west of a village in hazelnut Town, Luan county 4 Low temperature tank power supply: 220V50Hz a paint factory has illegal production and environmental pollution. The village is close to Beijing Harbin railway and is located in the secondary water source protection area of Douhe river. The police who handled the case quickly rushed to the scene, seized a large number of waste paint barrels, production raw materials and products on the spot, and controlled the factory director Zhang and other seven people involved in the case

after preliminary investigation, the police learned that Zhang had hired Zheng and song and others to illegally engage in paint production without any business and environmental protection procedures since 2012, and sold the products in the name of a Tangshan paint industry Co., Ltd., involving an amount of more than 2million yuan. The factory produces a lot of toxic gases and sewage in the production process, which seriously pollutes the surrounding environment, and the waste paint belongs to hazardous waste. Zhang and others have been suspected of polluting the environment by illegally disposing of a large number of waste paint barrels. The police then took Zhang, Zheng, song and other people involved back to the Bureau for investigation. After interrogation, seven people including Zhang confessed to the fact of illegal production and environmental pollution

at present, the factory has been banned according to law, Zhang, Zheng and song have been criminally detained by the bureau according to law, and another four people have been administratively detained for 15 days according to law. The case is under further trial

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