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Enterprises crowded for the national standard of electronic labels

"it was rare before that a working meeting broke out."—— Recently, the "electronic labels" National Standards Working Group officially held its first working meeting and the drafting meeting of the five national standards. Because of the great importance and the opening of the door, many well-known enterprises across the country came uninvited, causing the organizers to add seats again and again, but still unsatisfied, and finally used the aisle

since the 1990s, when efforts were made to develop new modified materials suitable for household appliances, the rapid development of radio frequency identification technology and its broad application prospects have gained a consensus in the world. This technology is widely used in production, logistics, transportation, medical treatment, food At present, many countries in the world are actively promoting the research, development, promotion and application of this technology in their own countries. RFID system usually consists of electronic tag and reader. Electronic tag is the most core and key component of this technology, and it is also the key to the successful application of this technology

"an important event will happen in the IT industry every three years. At present, it is electronic labels." In an interview with Qianlong, Wang Lijian, head of the national standards working group for electronic labels and director of the information technology research center of the China Institute of electronic technology standardization, said that at present, the United States plays the executor of various standards, but China's such a large market depends on it, "Electronic labels are not only a matter of scientific and technological progress, but also a matter of world trade struggle. VTT technology research center in Finland is adopting biological plastic polylactic acid to develop a low-cost and environment-friendly polystyrene foamed plastic (EPS) replacement material, but also an issue of independent intellectual property rights."

however, at present, there is no unified international standard for the production and application of RF technology, only some industries remove the experimental force standard for servo electromechanical inversion, and there is also a lack of corresponding standards and specifications in China. Therefore, all manufacturers independently develop according to their own judgment, resulting in a wide variety of RFID products on the market, mainly in the capacity of electronic tag cards, information formats, storage commands, command codes, energy interfaces The inconsistency in communication frequency and other aspects, and the inability to effectively realize information sharing and transmission between different types of products, has become a bottleneck to curb the development and application of RF technology. Therefore, it is an urgent need for China's industry and application to standardize the standards of RFID technology and formulate the corresponding standards of RFID technology. Among them, the formulation of electrical label specifications is a crucial link

based on this, the National Standardization Administration Committee issued the formulation plan of five national standards related to electronic labels in 2003, and then established the "electronic labels" national standards working group, headed by the China Institute of electronic technology standardization. The establishment of the working group marks that China's electronic label industry and application have entered the track of standardized development. Its main function is to timely establish and organize the implementation of a series of standard research work required and involved in the national standard system of electronic labels

it is also understood that the working group implements an open mode. All relevant domestic scientific research institutions, manufacturers and user units willing to participate in the formulation of national standards for electronic labels can apply for membership according to relevant procedures, and work together to standardize China's electronic label standards and promote the application of RF technology. Shihuakai e-commerce Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity to become the first member unit of the working group. The news came out, and registration participants swarmed, mostly well-known enterprises in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. "Therefore, the explosion of today's work meeting is unexpected and reasonable." The organizer of the meeting said so

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