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There are maturity evaluation standards for the construction of enterprise industrial interconnection

at present, the development of industrial interconnection in China has achieved remarkable results, with all-round breakthroughs in system construction, in-depth expansion of integrated applications, and continuous construction of industrial ecology with multi-party collaboration and linkage. However, when the test piece on the industrial mutual experimental machine deviates from the experimental axial force, what stage is the construction of the joint, what problems exist, and how to further improve it, I am afraid that industrial enterprises and industry authorities need to pay attention to next. At the 2019 industrial interconnection global summit held a few days ago, China Industrial interconnection Research Institute released the "industrial interconnection maturity evaluation system", which provides a systematic evaluation tool for Chinese enterprises to master the pace of their own industrial interconnection construction, the competent industry departments to grasp the development of industrial interconnection industry, and carry out systematic and comprehensive dynamic monitoring of operation situation

according to the China Industrial interconnection Research Institute, the newly released "industrial interconnection maturity evaluation system" is based on the key elements of the current industrial interconnection industry, and provides a variety of experimental project options; The evaluation of technology, architecture, application, safety, region, industry and other aspects is conducive to promoting the healthy development of integrated application ecology of industrial interconnection

the relevant person in charge of China Industrial interconnection Research Institute said that the evaluation system systematically evaluates enterprises from six first-class indicators: resource elements, manufacturing, interconnection, integration and sharing, system integration, and security protection. It should be noted that the evaluation system is mainly aimed at the evaluation model of industrial interconnection construction of manufacturing enterprises, rather than the evaluation model of industrial interconnection platform. It is reported that the industrial interconnection platform test system led by China Industrial interconnection Research Institute is under construction

based on the evaluation system, China Industrial interconnection Research Institute has built an evaluation system, which will provide evaluation services for enterprises. There are two kinds of evaluation services. One is the evaluation system open to the society for free and the indicator light meeting that uses environmental friendly replacement materials to replace polluting products. After the enterprise is registered, it will carry out online self-evaluation. Based on the evaluation results, enterprises can master their own development stage, problems and improvement direction. Another evaluation service is to arrange expert teams to enter the enterprise for in-depth evaluation, effectively understand the actual pain points of the enterprise, formulate reasonable plans, determine the development path, provide solutions, and constantly complete iterative optimization. The evaluation process is mainly divided into eight stages, including formulating the evaluation plan, establishing the evaluation team, confirming the scope of the evaluation, issuing the evaluation notice, on-site investigation and interview, system evaluation, process management, and interpretation of the evaluation report

the relevant person in charge of China Industrial interconnection Research Institute said that the evaluation system will continue to improve and improve in combination with the evaluation of enterprises and regions, especially the uneven distribution, so as to continue to help the vigorous development of industrial interconnection

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