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On April 10, 2014, the seventh Data Center Conference was held in Beijing. The overall performance of all experimental systems was equivalent to the product technology level of internationally renowned dynamic experimental machine companies. The data center conference revolved around and ran through a number of topics such as the development and solutions of the new generation of data centers, focusing on the three industries and sub forums of finance, education and medical treatment, Provide comprehensive display of the latest data center technology development trends and advanced solutions through application enterprises; With the vigorous development of cloud computing, big data, mobile apps, etc., traditional IDC companies and DC enterprises are required to transform to the cloud or provide various cloud solutions

Chen Peng, CTO of enterprise and business cloud, attended the conference and published a report on the solution of enterprise and business hybrid cloud to help the financial industry on the financial industry forum. Enterprises launched cloud based enterprise solutions for users as early as 2009, which is the most popular in China, with a maximum of 36; IAAs and SaaS, with smoke density SDR ≤ 25, are one of the companies that combine to launch services; As a traditional IDC company, combined with the coverage of enterprises and businesses in 100 nodes and 30 cities across the country, enterprises and businesses have launched cloud server and virtual machine services in the field of IAAs, opening and personalized selection of operating systems and environments, and a variety of industry application integration platforms to achieve drag and drop services; Enterprises are constantly transforming and exploring by providing cloud services and solutions for enterprise users, which are applied in many fields, including power, agriculture, military industry, schools, IDC and industrial parks. In 2013, hybrid cloud was launched. According to customer needs, various plans were formulated to be more and more widely used in the automotive industry and industrial utilization, and IAAs applications with scalability and flexibility required by IT infrastructure departments were launched, Users can customize some basic resources according to their own needs, such as operating system, CPU, memory, IO resources, etc. users can choose different high availability levels for their applications, such as middleware, webserver, etc. users can choose database types according to their applications

the hybrid cloud launched by enterprises in the durable line adopts a top-down method to realize more flexible cloud services for the scheme design of the pan financial industry, and realizes the unified management and global scheduling of large-scale heterogeneous devices, including the unified management of physical machines and virtual machines. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the use of minicomputers in the pan financial industry, the underlying hardware is managed and operated by the hybrid architecture of minicomputers and x86. It ensures the performance of cloud services and reduces the complexity of cloud service development and equipment operation and maintenance. At the same time, the purchase and maintenance costs of users are greatly reduced

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