The hottest enterprises in the 12th high tech Fair

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Taking stock of the highlight enterprises of the 12th high tech fair

the scene of the 12th high tech fair is extremely popular! In the Internet exhibition area with the widest area and the largest flow of people, which is the focus of this high-tech fair, there are countless products of key projects such as informatization, cloud computing, IPv6, three integration, energy conservation and environmental protection. China Mobile, Unicom, telecom, Tencent, Huixin technology group and other well-known communication and Internet enterprises have shown their own characteristic products of using LFT for self-plastic wheels! Here, I carefully checked the key and characteristic projects in the interconnection exhibition area of this high tech fair

1. It is reported that next generation Internet (IPv6) was displayed by Chinatelecom as a key project at the high tech fair! It is reported that ipv6rfid technology, IPv6 smart home, wireless broadband video monitoring system, wireless broadband instant messaging system, mobile multimedia multilingual information system, broadband Internet audio-visual system, Universiade IPv6 portal and other seven applications are all large-scale projects displayed at this conference! I believe that the popularization of IPv6 is not far away from us. IPv6 projects are of great significance for urban information construction, the transformation and upgrading of Internet industry, and changing people's livelihood

2. Huixin technology takes the lead in popularizing e-commerce.

as the largest e-commerce solution and operation service provider in China, Huixin technology, like participating in previous high-tech fairs, has brought a large number of enterprise Internet application products. The main product brought by Huixin technology this time is the first brand enterprise mailbox 263 enterprise mailbox in China. It is reported that in the past eight years, Huixin technology has promoted 263 corporate email to nearly one million users. The long-term experience of Internet operation has made Huixin Technology Group summarize a set of authoritative e-commerce and information solutions. From domain name registration, station construction, software development, corporate email, Shangshang mall, management software to network marketing, station promotion and other aspects, Huixin technology does indeed belong to the domestic first-class

at the booth of Huixin technology, we found that Huixin technology has made innovation and promotion in the construction of this basic network application service. In order to promote the informatization process of domestic enterprises and popularize e-commerce, Huixin technology has indeed made great contributions

in passing, I interviewed Mr. Duan Xin, chairman of Huixin technology group. Mr. Duan Xin said that Huixin technology has won a lot of honors such as the most influential enterprise of Shenzhen Internet and the vice president of the Technology Application Association. It has long regarded the promotion of domestic e-commerce as its duty. Huixin technology only makes users' needs, and only does win-win business

3. AI small Q robot makes a brilliant debut. Naturally, the scene of the high tech Fair will not lack the powerful performance of AI. I learned that at the high tech fair, the small Q robot, a strategic cooperative product jointly launched by Tencent and the Academy of advanced sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a brilliant debut! Xiaoq not only has the language, body behavior, voice interaction ability and other family sexual behavior, but also has high-end artificial intelligence level such as behavior learning. Looking forward to China's Internet services further integrating into people's lives through intelligent service robots

4 BYD, the pacesetter of energy conservation and environmental protection, competed to appear first

it seems to have become a BYD tradition to release core technology products at the high tech fair. At the 2010 high tech fair, BYD's new energy vehicles E6, F0, F3DM, F6 competed to appear first, and BYD specially displayed its first pure electric car cutting experiment in a high profile, not to mention E6. As BYD's first pure electric car. The dazzling silver E6, which is compatible with the design concepts of Su V and M PV, has also attracted many visitors to BYD's booth. It is reported that the car will be launched in Shengshi in May next year

it is learned that the driving range of the car can reach 4 kilometers under constant speed conditions because the jaws of the electronic tensile testing machine are often used, which is no longer an empty political slogan. The power battery and starting battery of E6 are iron batteries independently developed and produced by BYD. All chemicals contained in them can be decomposed and absorbed by nature in a harmless way, and will not cause any harm to the environment. It has to be said that BYD has taken the lead in energy conservation and environmental protection

energy saving and environmental protection Hanwang e-paper removal trick

move paper books to small books. Hanwang's business philosophy has not changed for many years. Hanwang this time brings an e-paper book series product N800, which has an 8-inch large e-paper screen and an elegant appearance, which not only pushes the quality of e-paper books to the peak again, but also a masterpiece of Hanwang Technology in the field of mobile office

6. Amphibious computer Yanxiang makes great efforts to build

Yanxiang intelligent special computer, which makes people who enter the world of Yanxiang marvel. The special environment operation demonstration of the sample machine attracted a large number of enterprises and individuals to visit. There are countless amazing landscapes in the 360 square meter Yanxiang exhibition hall. In an oversized aquarium, there are two live computers, Yanxiang's underwater computer jmc-1101. Even if they are all immersed in water, the special computer that can still work normally and the beauty beside the aquarium constitute a beautiful scenery

7. Strong and strong Unicom joined hands with apple

Apple's super magic weapon, Apple's iPhone 4, and many fashion users' favorite iPad were displayed at the booth of China Unicom. Of course, these products can only be used with Unicom Network. The products jointly exhibited by China Unicom and apple are atmospheric, practical, fashionable and vividly show the true meaning of mobile Internet

8. Interworking all business 263 enterprise mailbox attack

at this high tech fair, 263 enterprise mailbox greatly stirred the audience's attention on the 263 enterprise mailbox booth carefully built by Shenzhen Huixin Technology Development Co., Ltd! 263 as a pioneer and leader in the field of enterprise mailbox, enterprise mailbox has made great contributions to market cultivation and expansion, with excellent performance. With 12 years of experience in enterprise mailbox, it has become the first brand in the domestic enterprise mailbox industry! In this rapidly developed society with increasingly significant information demand, 263 enterprise mailbox is about to usher in its most brilliant moment! The joint exhibition with Huixin technology group at this high-tech fair will surely promote China's informatization road to the world's high-end level

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