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There are still some details to pay attention to in the use of smart locks. Only when they are used correctly can smart locks serve families for a long time. Today, I will teach you some tips about the daily maintenance of smart locks

the transition from the use of traditional mechanical locks to smart locks requires a process. After clarifying the use of various functions through the product manual, it is also necessary to supplement the dry goods knowledge of various smart locks, because there are still some details to pay attention to in the use of smart locks, and the correct use can make smart locks serve the family for a long time

about the daily maintenance of smart locks, today's editor will teach you a few tricks:


try not to close the door too hard. If you close the door hard for a long time, it will cause certain damage to the door locks and doors over time. Although it is an inconspicuous action, being careful is a kind of protection for smart locks. In addition, if you are often worried about forgetting to close the door, you can also use the automatic door locking function of the smart lock


users who are used to opening the door with a magnetic card should pay attention that the magnetic card should not be placed with objects with strong magnetism (such as mobile phones) to prevent the internal chip from being radiated by the mobile phone, which will affect the accuracy of card reading


take waterproof measures to avoid trying smart locks outdoors to avoid unnecessary trouble. If the shell comes into contact with liquid or salt mist, please wipe it dry with a soft, absorbent cloth. Avoid the damage of electronic circuit board caused by water immersion in the panel


replace the battery in time, check the battery usage irregularly, and the battery leakage corrodes the smart lock. If you find that the battery is low or there is a sign of leakage, replace the new battery immediately, and do not mix the old and new batteries

while enjoying the convenience brought by the smart lock, you should also pay attention to the daily maintenance at ordinary times. Even if you can't solve all the problems, it's still necessary to nip in the bud

(source: Samsung smart lock official)





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