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The Ministry of environmental protection recently announced that strict control of "scattered pollution" enterprises should be one of the key contents of strengthening supervision. In the face of such a situation, what should aluminum alloy door and window enterprises do


the Ministry of environmental protection recently announced that the strict treatment of "scattered pollution" enterprises should be one of the key contents of strengthening supervision, and all enterprises that cannot upgrade and transform to meet the discharge standards should be closed within a time limit. More and more strict, so that many aluminum alloy door and window enterprises close down, stop production, reduce production, complain everywhere, cry everywhere, many small bosses go bankrupt overnight, and the GDP of all regions is directly affected, including tax revenue, employment, and even some people worry that this will affect local stability

then why does the central government still attack so hard? The apparent reason is to harness the environment, give people a blue sky, clear water and clean air. Of course, this is one reason, but it is not the main reason. I think the main reasons are as follows:

1. De capacity

there is no doubt that de capacity is the most intuitive presentation after shutdown. Some low-end aluminum alloy door and window enterprises in the traditional aluminum alloy door and window industry have been plagued by extensive and inefficient growth. Most aluminum alloy door and window enterprises seize the market in a not wide area, ignore high-profit and high-value production links such as design, service and brand, consume a lot of resources in low-level repeated construction and homogeneous competition, and fall into price wars one after another

in recent years, although some aluminum alloy door and window enterprises have gradually improved their competitiveness by upgrading equipment and optimizing processes after completing the accumulation of original capital, too many workshop enterprises still affect the progress of the overall industry. A rigorous environmental protection can at least marginalize the excess capacity of redundant construction and win the market with low quality and low price until it disappears

2. Reverse your thinking

upgrading production equipment is only the beginning if you want to reach the environmental impact assessment standard. In the final analysis, all changes are based on one condition - the thinking of business owners. Whether they are willing to give up part or even most of the profits and reform the traditional production, process flow and enterprise management system to a level that is enough to match the modern enterprise

the rise and fall of an industry largely depends on the positive attitude of entrepreneurs in the industry. Whether the heads of aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises have the courage to break the traditional aggressiveness and actively innovate, whether they have the courage to give up the immediate interests, reverse the thinking of extensive growth, and win the future through technological reform, this environmental storm sweeping the country is a vent

3. Rule reset

many traditional industries have a strong "Jianghu atmosphere". The atmosphere of the Jianghu has cast human warmth on the operation and competition of the industry. From another perspective, this is also the source of the immaturity of the industry - the rules of the game are based on human feelings, which are very different from the clear-cut rules of the game in modern society

based on the barbaric growth of reform dividends, the thinking of not playing cards according to the routine is derived, and the means contrary to business logic are common, which makes the industry with its own low attention attribute lose the trust of the market. This distrust is exacerbated by the competition of mixed brands on the same platform

the environmental protection supervision from the central government has made aluminum alloy door and window enterprises re-examine the importance of "rules" and follow rules. It is not a derogatory term at the critical moment when the industry is facing transformation. If we can get out of the mire of the scuffle, purge the industry with the help of external forces, and return to the right track of business logic, the pain caused by production suspension and rectification due to non-compliance is not meaningless

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