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In the film "silent place", human beings are threatened by mysterious creatures, which will act according to the sound of their prey, so people must keep quiet in life, or they will be chased by mysterious creatures. The silent world is full of unpredictable killings...

Noise in life is really harmful to people's health


hearing loss and intelligence will also be affected if they are often in a noisy environment

pregnant women:

long term exposure to noise will cause endocrine gland dysfunction, mental tension and endocrine system disorders. Affect the development of fetal brain

introduction to indoor wooden sound insulation door of brother wooden door:

1. Indoor solid wood composite sound insulation door: it is composed of door leaf and door frame. It refers to a door made of wood, glued wood, etc. as the main material, which is a solid body or close to a solid body, and the surface layer is wood veneer or other cladding materials. The door body is filled with sound-absorbing materials, PU, honeycomb structure and sound-insulating materials (the sound-insulating materials mainly include damping rubber plate and mineral wool sound-insulating plate) according to the sound insulation grade. It adopts advanced technology, unique design and special sealing production process. It is a wood door with high-quality sound-absorbing and sound-insulating performance, stable service performance and precision manufacturing

2. Indoor solid wood sound insulation door: Design of indoor sound insulation door based on solid wood structure. ① Materials: all solid wood materials and high-quality sound insulation materials are used together; ② The structure adopts three-layer asymmetric structure; ③ The seamless combination between sound insulation materials and solid wood panels can be glued by PMDI

brother sound insulation wooden door, isolate noise, enjoy silence and bring health

source: brother Mumen official account




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