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For owners who have never been in touch with decoration before, add all kinds of knowledge about home decoration in advance. I believe that my own decoration project can also be carried out in an orderly manner. So where should decoration preparation start? Let's first understand the whole process of decoration

I. choose the decorator

after making preparations for decoration, you choose the decorator, that is, the contractor of your own decoration project. Decorators in the market are mainly divided into decoration companies and guerrillas. The price of decoration company is relatively high, but it is relatively guaranteed; Although the guerrillas' price is low, if they are not trustworthy, it is easy to cause the quality of decoration projects to fail. The selection of decoration companies needs to be investigated from many aspects, and the design drawings and quotations need to be carefully reviewed when signing the decoration contract

II. Determine the decoration scheme

after selecting the construction party, through measuring the house and integrating the opinions of the owner, a set of design drawings on house decoration will be produced. The design drawings are the blueprint of the house, and the construction is generally based on the design drawings. Therefore, the owner needs to deeply participate in the formulation process of the design scheme and clearly convey his ideas about the future home to the designer. If the designer is not satisfied with his scheme, he can be asked to modify or even change the designer

III. preparation for construction

after signing the contract, selecting the decoration company and making the decoration plan, it is time to prepare for construction. According to the requirements of the contract, the owner needs to prepare the corresponding decoration materials in advance and enter the site in time. Before the construction starts, it is also necessary to handle the property registration matters, including handling the construction permit, paying the decoration deposit, etc

IV. when the construction of structural demolition and modification begins, the designer will generally make on-site disclosure and inform the construction personnel of some requirements of the construction. Generally, the demolition and renovation of houses is the first step in the formal start of construction, especially the demolition and renovation of second-hand houses. In the demolition and reconstruction, the key attention should be paid to avoid the removal of bearing walls affecting the safety of the building, and to avoid some demolition and reconstruction new projects explicitly prohibited by the property

v. hydropower transformation

hydropower is the blood vessel of a home, which can be said to be one of the most important projects of home decoration. Hydropower transformation includes waterway transformation and circuit transformation, which are generally carried out at the same time. Hydropower renovation projects need to pay attention to more details, how to save money in decoration? On, free design budget quotation. The owner can supplement the knowledge additionally. If you are worried that the water and electricity of the decoration company is not qualified, you can invite some companies specializing in water and electricity projects in the market to do it

VI. wood and tile construction

after the water and electricity transformation, it is generally carpentry and tile construction. There is no clear priority between carpentry and bricklaying construction, which can be carried out at the same time. Carpentry mainly includes ceiling wood base construction, wood frame production, furniture production and other related projects; Bricklayers include ground and wall base treatment, waterproofing of kitchen and bathroom, tile paving and other projects

VII. Painting works

after the construction of carpentry and bricklaying, it is paint construction. It mainly includes painting of walls, painting of furniture and wallpaper on walls. The progress of home decoration to the painting project is basically approaching the end

VIII. Installation works

this stage mainly includes floor installation, sanitary ware installation, and the installation of some household appliances and furniture. However, it does not mean that all installation is concentrated at this stage. According to the actual situation, some installation projects can be interspersed in the whole decoration process

IX. check in

check in should run through the whole decoration process. It is the right way to find and correct problems in the decoration. However, after all the construction is completed, it is still necessary to conduct a systematic acceptance to check whether the decoration project passes the customs according to certain acceptance standards. After passing the acceptance, the next step is cleaning, moving and getting ready to move in





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