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Now the decoration, water and electricity are all slotted and buried, and then filled with sand. After decoration, many owners need to drill holes in the ground, lay keels, lay solid wood floors, or drill holes in the wall to install sanitary ware, etc. if there is no water and electricity diagram for reference, plus the water and electricity wiring is not standardized, it is easy to hit wires or water pipes, causing unnecessary losses

◆ hit the water and electricity line and return to the industrial owner to pay the bill

the original construction team did not give the water and electricity map, and the installation workers hit the water pipe, blaming the owner for not reminding the location of the water and electricity and refusing to pay compensation, which happened to the owner, Mr. Xie. It has been more than a year since Mr. Xie decorated his new house and moved in. Recently, he bought a barrel bathtub for the workers to install. The workers asked about the water and electricity direction of the original decoration. Mr. Xie didn't know when he asked. When asked about the construction drawings of hydropower, he was even more confused and said: “ Last year, the decoration was done by relatives. I haven't heard of any water and electricity plans

therefore, the installation personnel can only operate by experience. Who knows that as soon as the electric drill goes down, there will be a water column spraying upward. It turned out that the water pipe in the bathroom had been drilled through, and what was more serious was that it affected the wires next to it, which was not only “ The water overflowed the bathroom, and even the circuit was short circuited. In desperation, Mr. Xie had to find a water electrician to eradicate all the decoration in the bathroom, and then re lay water and electricity wires. It took a full 10 days to complete the renovation of the bathroom

master Zhou is a water electrician with 15 years of decoration experience. He said that in home decoration, there are very clear standards for the routing and layout of water and electricity, which can not be changed by the owner at will. The horizontal and vertical routing is an important standard. Due to the lack of water and electricity diagram, many installers drill holes based on experience. If the water and electricity routing is not in accordance with the routine, it is easy to have major problems& ldquo; However, in order to save wires and water pipes, many owners often ask me to take diagonal or diagonal lines, and mistakenly think that the horizontal and vertical lines are deliberately wound. In fact, the horizontal and vertical wiring is relatively standard, which can avoid the trouble caused by the owner by the water and electricity during the later installation

◆ there is another secret about not giving the water and electricity map

found in the market visit, please “ Almost none of the families decorated by YEMA team got the water and electricity transformation map, and the situation of some small decoration companies is not satisfactory

why is the construction team unwilling to hand over the hydropower map to the owner? Mr. Zhang, the owner, believes that it is very likely that the water and electrical technology of the construction team is not up to standard, or the water and electricity wiring itself is fishy& ldquo; At present, many construction teams distribute water and electricity by meter. If the water and electricity diagram is provided, the owner will definitely find the construction team to settle accounts and refund money if there is an error in the measurement. Mr. Huang, who was decorating, said pointedly

some customers looking for brand decoration companies to decorate said that the water and electricity diagram was relatively complete. Ms. Liu, a senior decoration designer, said that the designer should roughly determine the location of lamps and sanitary wares before drawing, and then issue a water electrogram to the customer after the hydropower project passes the acceptance. Generally, the water circuit is horizontal and vertical, which can provide convenience for future maintenance




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