Xiya cabinet wishes franchisees and end customers

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Xiya cabinet wishes franchisees and end customers a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and National Day

in this happy and happy day, all employees extend holiday greetings and sincere wishes to franchisees and end customers of Xiya who work all over the country! A series of achievements of Xiya Cabinet this year were successfully completed with everyone's support and efforts. Xiya cabinet will continue to improve work quality and efficiency, and promote and appoint a group of young and promising management cadres to play a mainstay role. Xiya is the home where every Xiya employee devotes his feelings and efforts. I hope that more families will contribute their ideas and strength to its development! We have a brilliant yesterday, and the future of Xiya cabinet will be more full of vitality and hope. Now we are facing new situations and new tasks. Only by boldly reforming and opening up can we continue to write a better today. We have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, Xiya cabinet will be able to overcome all kinds of difficulties, take this as a starting point, open a new chapter of development, realize a new historical leap, keep pace with the times, and create brilliance again! Xiya cabinet wishes all employees, franchisees and end customers to relax during the holiday and bring my best wishes to your family! I would like to express my sincere thanks to the friends who still stick to their jobs during the holiday




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