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Having a beautiful dream and making continuous efforts to realize it are the driving force of success. In order to create a better future and create our own success, Yacai doors and windows will explain the way to success for you

dreams are our great driving force. Create our dreams, realize our dreams, and let our dreams set sail. Yacai doors and windows create your wonderful, which is our future

build dreams from Asian materials, and dreams set sail from Asian materials. At the beginning of 2014, Yacai doors and windows organized an exciting Summit on how to build a higher and further development in the future - the 2014 annual strategic cooperation Dealer Marketing Summit of Yacai doors and windows. By deploying the development strategy of Asian materials in 2014, domestic marketing planning, e-commerce operation and development plan, market promotion, new product release, excellent dealer awards, and inviting professor gaoleping of China Building Materials Research Institute to carry out special training for dealer friends, we have strengthened the development confidence of Asian materials doors and windows in 2014

at the meeting, Mr. Bao Minzhi, general manager of the company, delivered an important speech, affirming that in the butterfly transformation of 2013, asima doors and windows will have a more far-reaching development strategy in 2014. An e-commerce operation center will be established to stabilize the market with the help of e-commerce, analyze the current market, and affirm that asima will develop to the high end in 2014, integrate intelligence and customization into door and window customization, and aim to become the first brand of aluminum door and window customization in China, Taking "learning, persistence, value and sharing" as the corporate culture, it announced the preparation of the Asian materials business school, enhanced school enterprise cooperation, participated in foreign exhibitions, learned from foreign advanced technology, and enhanced the soft power of Asian materials

in addition, the personnel of relevant departments of Asia wood doors and windows also analyzed in detail the development space of aluminum doors and windows in the industry, reviewed the achievements of strategic priorities in 2013, and described the strategy of improving core competitiveness and channel construction. Sort out the market for dealers and improve business ideas

it is reported that in 2014, the image store of Asia wood doors and windows exclusive store will be comprehensively upgraded. Asia wood doors and windows will face the requirements of dealers and consumers with a brand-new brand image. In the face of the psychology of requiring consumers to pursue personalization, a personalized experience area will be set up, just to cater to consumers from the details of personalization, so that consumers can recognize the brand and recognize Asia wood

details contribute to the success of Asian materials, create first-class products, and create perfect details. Asian materials doors and windows have always insisted on working hard to create a better future. Success is at hand, and create a better future for Asian materials





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