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At the Beijing international energy conservation and environmental protection exhibition held recently, the advanced seminar on enterprise low-carbon management capacity building and advanced technology application, sponsored by the technical department of the Ministry of personnel, organized by the Beijing energy conservation and environmental protection center, and provided technical support by the international environmental protection organization WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) and abb, the world's leading power and automation technology group, was officially launched. The project will help high energy consuming enterprises transform from structural emission reduction to connotative emission reduction, improve their energy-saving and emission reduction technology and management capabilities, and guide them to move forward along the path of green and low-carbon sustainable development

2010 is the decisive year to complete the energy conservation and emission reduction targets of the Eleventh Five Year Plan and the key year to plan the energy conservation targets of the twelfth five year plan. The project will help enterprises better carry out energy conservation and emission reduction practices through enterprise research, centralized teaching, case discussion, expert guidance, on-site diagnosis and other forms. The first phase of the training will be officially implemented in Beijing in August. At that time, experts from the government, scientific research institutions, industry organizations and enterprises will provide systematic training on policies and regulations, industry trends, energy efficiency management and product technology application for relevant principals of enterprises. At the same time, professional continuing education completion certificates will be issued to qualified management and technical talents

fangqin, chairman and President of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., said: China is facing great pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction. Industrial enterprises, which account for 70% of the total social energy consumption, need to make greater efforts. However, the focus of our project is where to start to make the enterprise realize energy saving most effectively and keep the cost of energy saving at a low level

according to the latest statistics of ABB China, among ABB's numerous power and automation products and systems, only low-voltage frequency converter is a product. In the past 1, this scheme saved 50billion kilowatt hours of electricity for domestic customers in 5 years without requiring customers to modify the product structure and mold structure, which is enough to meet the power consumption of all residents in Beijing for 10 years and save 50million tons of carbon dioxide emissions

as a social system project, energy conservation and emission reduction need the participation and support of multiple parties. ABB has always attached importance to cooperation with relevant government agencies to jointly help enterprises save energy and reduce emissions. Since the brand popularity was further enhanced in 2006, abb has carried out strategic cooperation with Guangdong Province on efficiency and energy conservation. At present, abb has conducted efficiency and energy conservation training for more than 1000 enterprises in 6 cities in Guangdong Province. At the end of 2009, abb signed a three-year strategic cooperation framework agreement on energy conservation and consumption reduction with the Ministry of industry and information technology to help domestic enterprises promote systematic energy conservation and emission reduction by holding efficiency and energy-saving seminars, technical training, providing consulting services and other means

efficiency and energy saving is one of ABB's core businesses. The company's R & D expenses for efficiency enhancing and energy-saving technologies and products have always accounted for more than 50% of the group's total R & D investment. ABB's energy-saving and emission reduction technology can cover the whole process of one-time energy in the energy chain, from mining, transportation, to power production, power transmission, to industrial production process and end-user power consumption, and can reduce the energy waste in the whole energy chain from 80% to 20%

in China, ABB's energy conservation and emission reduction technology is widely used in power, public utilities, industry and other fields. Anhui Shanying paper adopts ABB m3bp high-efficiency energy-saving motor which has won the national energy-saving product certification, saving 1.5 million kwh of electricity every year and reducing nearly 1000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions; By using ABB acs5000 medium voltage inverter, Chongqing Luohuang Power Plant can save more than 30% of power. After the application of ABB i-bus ○ r intelligent building control system in terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Airport, power can be saved by more than 20%. Xiangjiaba Shanghai 800 kV HVDC transmission corridor, the longest transmission line in China using ABB technology, ensures more than 93% of the transmission efficiency. The power saved every year to reduce friction and wear between moving surfaces of parts can meet the power consumption of 1million Chinese residents; In Guangdong Meizhou Heshuyuan power station project, abb provided a complete set of DCS distributed control system to help the power plant reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide by 10000 tons every year and reduce the total emission of sulfur dioxide by 90%. The project also won the best environmental protection power plant award of the 2009 Asian power award

during the Beijing international energy conservation and environmental protection exhibition, abb demonstrated a number of leading energy-saving products and solutions, including high-efficiency motors, frequency converters, 800xA process industrial automation control systems, energy-saving crane tire crane systems, and intelligent motor control systems

abb is one of the world's top 500 leading manufacturers in the field of power and automation technology. ABB's technology can help power, utility and industrial customers improve performance while reducing adverse environmental impacts. ABB Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs 117000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, employs 15300 employees, owns 30 joint ventures and sole proprietorships, and has a strong sales and service network all over the country

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