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In recent weeks, manufacturers of coated and published paper in the United States are facing the market decline of some products and the price impact of imported products

according to insiders, manufacturers planning to coat chemical pulp paper have reduced their quotations in the West as a response to the price reduction of overseas suppliers in January 2017 - their prices have been significantly lower than those of American paper before

it is reported that Domtar company of Canada, Stora Enso company of Sweden Finland, Shasta paper company and Sappi high-end culture used the quotation of Jiangqi No. 2 (in some cases, No. 3) coated chemical pulp paper of North American company in the west of the United States recently to reduce USD/DWT. Some people in the industry believe that, Manufacturers such as potlatch Corp and IP may follow suit

a paper merchant in the West Bank said that although he had been competing with the export paper for about 15 years, he had never seen the domestic manufacturers in the United States give in like this. "This is the first time that domestic manufacturers have discovered that competitors are invading their territory," he said

the paper merchant also said that the amount of coated paper from Asia and Europe in the West Bank is huge, and "the price is really very cheap". One paper mill even estimated that the imported coated chemical pulp paper accounted for% of the west bank market

the price reduction of Coated Paper No. 2 is more common than that of Coated Paper No. 3. In addition to the import pressure, another reason is that the demand has shifted from Coated Paper No. 2 to Coated Paper No. 3 in recent months. However, part of the market of Coated Paper No. 3 has also been replaced by light coated paper (LWC)

generally speaking, the price of No. 1 chemical pulp paper has not changed, but the competition in the west is very fierce. A publisher in California said that the price of imported products was% lower than that in North America. She estimated that% of her purchases came from the Pacific circle. In addition, the products they use are also being transferred to No. 2 or even No. 3. This steel bar zigzag testing machine is developed according to the provisions of the national standard metal zigzag testing method (gb232 (8)), because "there are more choices."

according to the news from Shasta paper factory in California, the quotation of No. 2 and No. 3 coated chemical pulp paper is approaching the current transaction price, but the decrease is less than 6 US dollars/ton. A paper merchant said that Shasta reduced the price of No. 2 and No. 3 by $3 per hundredth

as for the rumor about the price of coated chemical paper, we have not received any comments from Domtar and Stora Enso, while Sappi declined to comment. Until late last week, we had to keep an eye on the development trend at home and abroad, there was no other news that only accounted for the price reduction of manufacturers, although the price decline of some varieties was not limited to the west, but throughout the United States

it is reported that the demand for publishing paper fell sharply at the beginning of the second quarter. The marketing manager of a paper mill said, "our situation is very good. The demand fell in March and April at an amazing rate." According to the latest statistics of the American forest and Paper Association (af&pa), the shipment of coated paper in March decreased by 3.0% compared with the same period last year, of which the coated chemical pulp paper decreased by 11.6% and the coated wood pulp paper increased by 6.8%

people still attribute the decline in demand for coated paper to the reduction in magazine advertising. An article in Wall Street pointed out that the revenue of some publishing houses fell by% this year. As the advertiser canceled the reserved space, the publisher could not predict the demand for publishing paper under the uncertainty of future circulation. Therefore, the short-term decision of where to use the reduced advertising revenue also damaged the market

another factor affecting the magazine market is the increase in mailing costs. Last week, the U.S. Postal Service announced a 2.6% increase in Journal postage from June 1. The association of magazine publishers estimates that this will increase their annual expenditure by $500million. It is estimated that there will be more price increases in 2002

in addition to magazine publishers, the demand for other printed materials, such as catalogues and pamphlets, is also decreasing. Many people are waiting to see whether the catalogue printing will rebound in June and continue to prosper until August as in previous years. Otherwise, for the price of coated paper, the summer is really long and hard

however, some manufacturers still hope to reduce inventory by restricting production to prevent further price decline. It is reported that Stora Enso will reduce its annual production of coated wood pulp paper by 2. 5% due to the restriction of oil source flow Million tons, while the shaking was concentrated in the second quarter. UPM Finland also reduced the production of light coated paper by 40000 tons in the first quarter. IP spokesman said that the production of super calendered paper and coated paper was reduced by 65000 tons, but did not disclose the respective quantity of each variety. Mead said it would reduce the production of coated chemical pulp paper by 5000 tons in the second quarter

it is not only manufacturers that need to adjust inventory, but also publishers are facing the problem of increasing inventory. However, an insider said that he was "cautiously optimistic" about the rebound of the market in the second quarter. In particular, if the factory's inventory is controlled, the rebound in demand will reflect "real orders" and support the price rise in the second half of the year

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