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The patent density in the equipment manufacturing field is concentrated in four industries such as instruments and meters. On December 11, 2012, the equipment industry department and the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued the patent situation report 2012 in the equipment manufacturing field. The report selected five major fields such as machine tools, seals, commercial aviation turbofan engine core machines, ships and offshore drilling platforms for patent situation early warning analysis

different functions strengthen early warning analysis and promote the equipment industry to become stronger

zhangzhicheng, deputy director of the protection and Coordination Department of the State Intellectual Property Office, stressed that intellectual property is a strategic resource to promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry and a core element to improve industrial competitiveness

the report shows that the patent applications of China's equipment manufacturing industry from 1985 to 2011 can be roughly divided into three stages. The Seventh Five Year Plan period was the embryonic period, and the number of patent applications increased rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 30%; The eighth five year plan and the ninth five year plan are a period of gentle development, with an average annual growth rate of 7.9% and 16% respectively; 15、 The 11th five year plan has entered the accelerated development period, and the average annual growth rate of patent applications has reached 20.2% and 28.1% respectively

it should be pointed out that the potential of medical devices and medical packaging in 2009 can not be underestimated. After 2009, the growth of patent applications in the equipment manufacturing industry has become faster. In 2010, the number of applications exceeded 350000, and in 2011, it reached 432000, an increase of 24.37% year-on-year, accounting for 26.5% of the total number of patent applications; The number of invention patent applications was 154000, an increase of 20.68% year-on-year, accounting for 29.3% of the total number of invention patent applications. It can be seen that China's equipment manufacturing industry has become the industry with the most patent applications in the industrial field

from the perspective of development characteristics, the number of patent applications from 2005 to 2011 is generally consistent with the change of the total industrial output value of the equipment manufacturing industry. The equipment manufacturing industry accounts for nearly one-third of China's total patent applications in terms of both patent applications and invention patent applications. It has become the backbone of patent applications, and its industrial innovation ability has been continuously enhanced

according to the application of invention patents in key industries, they are mainly concentrated in the fields of electrical engineering, instrumentation, petrochemical general equipment, automobiles and machine tools

among them, the industries with high patent density (referring to the ratio of patent quantity to sales value) include four industries: food packaging and tobacco machinery, printing machinery, instruments and meters, and metal products manufacturing, indicating that these four industries have relatively high technical level and strong innovation ability; The patent density of the electrical and petrochemical general equipment industry is at a medium level, which indicates that the technical content of the industry is relatively weak to a certain extent; The patent density of automobile, railway transportation equipment manufacturing and other industries is at a low level, which shows that China has not yet fully mastered the core key technologies of these industries

although China's equipment manufacturing industry has become a major patent applicant, the overall quality level still needs to be improved compared with its foreign counterparts. China has become a big country in the equipment manufacturing industry, but it is not a strong country in the equipment manufacturing industry. Experts believe that the key is how to strengthen the early warning analysis of industry patents and further promote the development and growth of the industry through the release of the report

Chenqi, President of China Shipbuilding Industry Institute of comprehensive technology and economics, said that the release of patent trends in key areas and key technology areas of equipment manufacturing is an important means to strengthen the synergy of scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property rights in a broader range on the basis of drawing lessons from previous patent trends. It is an effective measure to guide industrial technological progress. It will vigorously promote the growth of technology intensive industries. It is of great practical significance to promote the implementation of intellectual property rights in the equipment manufacturing industry and promote industrial transformation and upgrading

the number of patents is positively related to the technical level of the industry

from the perspective of industries, the analysis of the report shows that the number and quality of patent applications in China's equipment manufacturing field are closely related to the technical development level of the industry, which can be said to be a positive correlation

in the machine tool industry, the total number of patents in the global machine tool industry has shown an upward trend in recent years. Around 2003, due to the emergence of compound machine tool technology, the number of patents in the machine tool industry increased rapidly, and then decreased gradually. However, after 2006, the number of machine tool patents showed a restorative growth, indicating that there were new development opportunities for the machine tool technology. After 2008, the machine tool industry was impacted by the global financial crisis, but the overall number of patents remained stable and upward

with China's increasing emphasis on intellectual property rights, especially after the proposal to build an innovative country, the number of patents in China's machine tool industry has increased significantly, especially after 2006, about 4.5 times, indicating that China's machine tool industry enterprises have developed rapidly through the digestion, absorption and independent development of imported technology; At the same time, enterprises' awareness of independent intellectual property rights is constantly improving, and they begin to pay attention to the importance of patent protection to the development of industry technology

Li Wei said that the machine tool industry is a microcosm of the entire equipment manufacturing industry. Many problems are reflected in the equipment manufacturing industry. For example, industries with high patent density have strong innovation ability. Food packaging, tobacco machinery, instrumentation, basic manufacturing and other industries have strong independent innovation ability. For example, regional economies with a large number of patents are relatively better developed. The speed of patent application in machine tool industry is accelerating, but the quality is not high. The number of applications in the machine tool industry exceeds 30% every year, but the integrated and key parts are still controlled by others, indicating that there are still great deficiencies in the core fields and high-end aspects

in the seal industry, since 1985~2000, the total number of patent applications in China's seal industry has shown a stable trend, with no more than 100 patents applied every year. After 2001, the number of applications has shown an increasing trend, especially after 2005, there has been a rapid growth trend, with an average annual growth of 30.27% in the total number of patent applications from 2005 to 2011

Li Wei pointed out that from the report, it can be seen that the characteristics of the seal industry are: first, the trend of patent application and protection is good; Second, the level is relatively low, and there is a large gap with foreign countries; Third, the industry has potential for development; Fourth, it needs national policies and financial support. At present, in the field of seals, a tripartite situation of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign capital has been formed, and the output value basically accounts for one third of each. If the seals are controlled by others, it will drag down the entire equipment manufacturing industry. He stressed that basic parts, basic processes and basic materials (hereinafter referred to as "Three Basics") are key areas that need to be developed urgently in the equipment manufacturing industry, and they are also very important basic work. As an important part of the three basic industries, if it is done well, the large parts will pass the test

in the field of high-pressure compressor of aero-engine, the number of patents applied for in China was very small before 2001, and rose rapidly after 2002, reaching a peak of 175 in 2009. Most of the patents are applied by General Electric Company. At present, the number of patents applied by domestic aero-engine development units is small, indicating that it is urgent to strengthen the patent protection of independent innovation achievements in this field

for the importance of aero-engine R & D and manufacturing, Li Wei stressed that in the field of civil aircraft, engines have always been the weak point in the development of the whole industry, and heart disease has not been well solved. If the aviation industry is the crown of industry, then the engine is the Pearl on the crown and is at the highest end of the industrial chain. It has a great linkage effect on various industries

in the field of ships, among the 16709 Chinese patent applications retrieved so far, 14820 are domestic, accounting for 89% of the total, occupying an absolute advantage. China's patent applications maintained rapid growth. From 2001 to 2010, the average annual growth rate of application volume reached 27.6%. It can be seen that with the increase of government impetus, especially the implementation of the national intellectual property strategy, the awareness of intellectual property rights of domestic market players has been promoted. On the other hand, with the increasing international competition in the shipbuilding industry, domestic enterprises began to actively apply for patents to meet the challenges

from the perspective of applicants, when applying for ship patents abroad, enterprises accounted for 95%, while Chinese individuals accounted for half, and universities and research institutes accounted for 20%. To this end, Li Wei stressed that it is necessary to accelerate the combination of industry, University, research and application in the industry

offshore drilling platform is a strategic emerging industry, which started late. The report shows that the patent applications for offshore drilling platforms in the world have maintained an increasing trend since 1993. Since the 11th five year plan, under the dual effects of market demand and technological development, its patent application has shown a rapid development trend. As of October this year, 458 patents have been published, ranking third in the world. However, the number of foreign applications to China is less than one fourth of that in China. The quantity gap between China and some developed countries is gradually decreasing

it can be seen from the above analysis that the status of patents has become a microcosm of the development status of the industry. Accelerating the promotion of intellectual property is particularly important to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry

in this way, each load can only reach a certain load. Han Jun stressed that the industry's intellectual property strategy should be taken as an important starting point for industrial transformation and upgrading, pay attention to research and development, strive to break through important technologies that restrict industrial upgrading, and continuously improve and enhance the ability of independent innovation, especially the ability to create, apply, manage and protect intellectual property

the patent quality is not high, and the technical level needs to be improved.

the report shows that the number of patent applications in China's equipment manufacturing field has increased year by year, but the quality is not high, and there are relatively few invention patents. Compared with the same industry in foreign countries, the technical level needs to be improved

the report points out that from 2005 to 2011, the growth rate of global machine tool patent applications was 5.67%, while the growth rate of Chinese machine tool patents reached 34.71%, much higher than the growth rate of global machine tool patents; From 2005 to 2011, Chinese users should not only choose the right manufacturer when purchasing tensile testing machines, but also choose the right manufacturer. The growth rate of machine tool invention patents was 25.79%, showing a rapid growth rate. In 2011, the number of patents in the field of machine tools in China was 29309, including 11482 invention patents

it can be seen that despite the rapid growth of patents in the field of machine tools, the quality of patents is not high. From 2005 to 2011, the growth rate of China's machine tool invention patents reached 25.79%, but the proportion of invention patents in the total patents decreased year by year. In 2006, the number of invention patents in China accounted for 53.71% of the total number of patents. By 2011, the proportion of invention patents in the total number of patents dropped to 39.18%

meanwhile, in 2011, China's patent applications accounted for 46.23% of the total global patent applications, but only 4.18% of PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patent applications with relatively high patent quality

in the seal industry, although the number of industrial patents has increased rapidly in recent years, the composition of patents is mainly utility models

from 2005 to 2011, the number of invention patents in this industry showed an upward trend, but the range was only 16.69%, while the average annual growth rate of utility models was as high as 37.26%. In particular, in 2011, the proportion of invention patent applications to the total number of patents (the sum of invention patents and utility model patents) decreased to 22.26%, compared with 43.12% in 2005, which shows that the patent quality of China's seal industry has declined, and the overall technical level of the industry needs to be improved. Among foreign patents applied in China, 98% are invention patents, 2% are utility models, and the proportion of invention patents is 49 times that of utility models

in the shipbuilding field, among the 14820 domestic patent applications, invention patents only account for 35% of the total, while among the 1889 foreign applications to China, invention patents account for 98%

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