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The Party committee of Dalian Wafangdian group: set an example in innovation and become a pioneer

the Party committee of Dalian Wafangdian group: set an example in innovation and become a pioneer

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walked into the workshop of Dalian Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd., and a set of shiny bearings made people look happy. They not only equipped China, but also went to the world

it ranks first in China and eighth in the world. An old state-owned factory with a history of 77 years has broken through the fierce market competition and frequently won big orders at the door of European and American countries. What does it rely on

the Party committee of Wazhou Group believes that the party building work is an inexhaustible driving force to promote the development of the enterprise. It must give full play to the role of the political core, take the difficulties of production and operation as the focus of the party building work, rely on the party organization and the majority of Party members to lead all employees, overcome difficulties in key projects and their own posts, and promote the development of the enterprise

the head of reform depends on organization.

the bearing group company is the birthplace of China's bearing industry. The old employees of the bearing were proud of this. But a few years ago, multinational companies set up factories in China, monopolizing more than 70% of the domestic high-end bearing market. More than 1600 large-scale bearing enterprises in China can only fall into a vicious circle of homogeneous competition in the middle and low-end market, sharing this shrinking cake. Wazhou group is no exception, with low staff morale and worrying development prospects

"in the low-end bearing City, Jinan LANBO is a manufacturer specializing in the production of electronic tensile testing machines. People will die if they eat less and less. The new growth point of the company must be to break through the high-end bearings and the international market. We need to actively adjust the product structure and develop high-end products." Said Cong Hong, chairman and party secretary of Wazhou group

the idea is clear, and implementation is the key

after extensive investigation, the Party committee of Wazhou group company believes that nearly one fifth of the company's 11000 employees are party members. Their spirit of ownership and collectivism is a unique political advantage of state-owned enterprises and a valuable spiritual productivity. It is necessary to give full play to the role of Party organizations and the majority of Party members to effectively transform political advantages into the core competitiveness of the enterprise, However, the transformation is a strong driving force to promote production and operation due to the difficult maintenance of compressor failure and poor quality of compressed air

to be honest with others is to be honest with yourself. The Party committee of the company started from its own, organized the formulation and innovation of a series of rules and regulations such as the cadre management system and the leading cadre investigation system, highlighting the responsibility of the leading cadres of the company for the production and operation of the enterprise. Leading cadres at all levels signed the certificate of building a clean and honest government, and managers at important posts signed the honest practice agreement to strengthen the supervision of employees over the leading group

according to the fact that there are many key party members in the company, the Party committee of the company proposed to strengthen the construction of Party member areas, put all employees under the management of 1380 Party member areas, and each party member contracted objects, and carefully summarized and commented on them as required, so as to form a good atmosphere of learning from the advanced, catching up with the advanced, making contributions and being worthy of leadership. The basic construction of the party organization and the role of employees have been enhanced

this change has highlighted the role of the party organization as a fighting fortress and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, making the company take on a new look

party members hold up the pillar of innovation

party members act as pioneers, take the lead, set an example and hold up the pillar of innovation in overcoming difficulties. Such a vivid scene has become the norm in Wazhou group

Yu Yonggang, a party member, is the leader of the large line turning and grinding process of the precision rotary table bearing company of the Wazhou group company. My products only need 5kn pulling force. He arrives at the workshop before 8 o'clock every day. The first thing is to roll up his sleeve, pick up the instrument and measure the products on the night shift one by one. The crisscross scratches on his arm are a souvenir of the 12 hour work every day

he didn't talk much, but he made a lot of noise. He brought the products produced by the unit into the world-famous wind turbine manufacturers in Germany, Denmark and so on. Last year, he led his team to overcome the bottleneck of processing oversized bearings of reclaimers exported to Australia, creating 12 "China's first". At the time of delivery, the demanding Australian inspection engineer looked at the product with a magnifying glass and was stunned to find no fault

sunzhensheng, deputy chief engineer of Wazhou group and director of Wind Turbine Bearing Research Institute, is an elegant woman. She has presided over the research and development of the first set of pitch bearing and yaw bearing projects of 1.5MW wind turbine in China

sun Zhensheng smiled faintly when recalling the R & D situation: "the biggest problem at that time was the high reliability requirements. We had to prove to the customer that the bearing life reached 20 years. We overturned the original calculation method and put forward a new calculation mode. Finally, we succeeded." When signing the cooperation letter, sunzhensheng said: "this is the wisdom of the whole company and the whole team. I just wrote my name in the column." Later, in the "863" program undertaken by the company, she led the team to overcome the technology of spindle bearing testing machine and won the 16th China Patent Excellence Award

Party organizations and Party members, as political leaders and technical leaders, shine brightly at all posts of the tile axis. Over the past three years, the company has set up 516 "vanguard posts for Communist Party members", and Party members have led the establishment of more than 180 research teams, completed 352 research projects, and created economic benefits of more than 30million yuan for the enterprise. The company has won 36 national, provincial and ministerial awards and applied for 146 patents

corporate culture stimulates creativity

on the basis of building a pioneer culture of Party members, the Party committee of Wazhou group further expands the connotation of corporate culture, and gradually forms a "five in one" cultural system of corporate image planning, corporate development history, corporate stories, corporate figures and corporate brochures, and promotional videos

in the process of specific practice, the Party committee of the company has established a learning organization to cultivate people, training more than 20000 employees every year; How should we choose to use advanced mechanisms to motivate people, set up special contribution awards, and evaluate and employ disciplines? Now our technicians will introduce the classification of spring fatigue testing machines and how to choose suitable equipment? Leaders and technical experts shall be given special allowances to top skilled workers, and inventions and creations shall be named after the workers; Influence people with typical strength, carry out extensive learning activities from the company's national model workers sunshengtong, zhongshuanghong and lishuqian, and select more than 300 advanced models every year, setting off a upsurge of "learning, helping and Surpassing" in the company

under the guidance of advanced culture, in recent years, more than 50 people have won the Chinese skills award, national technical expert and other honors, and the company's Party committee has won the title of advanced grass-roots party organization in Liaoning Province and advanced Party committee in Dalian

the corporate culture has injected a strong endogenous power into the development of bearing shafts. It has successively developed more than 2000 foreign bearing products that are restricted from export to China, breaking the foreign technological monopoly, and has the confidence to compete with the world-class bearing enterprises

in 2013, the bearing axle acquired the German century old bearing enterprise KRW company and established the bearing axle European R & D center on this basis, which has taken a key step towards the construction of a bearing manufacturing base for high-end industrial equipment in Europe. In 2014, the American Engineering Technology Center for bearing shaft was established. Relying on the "window effect" of the center, it won the largest project order for single row tapered bearing of automobile transmission system in the world. The production cycle will last at least until 2018, with an average annual sales of more than 100 million yuan. These two key moves have explored a new way for Wazhou to join the global supply chain and laid a foundation for the implementation of overseas localization strategy

with the Party committee as the mainstay, the tile axis is changing from "made in Liaoning" to "created in Liaoning", becoming the main force to promote revitalization and development

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