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Party members take the lead in changing 1677 lamps in the past 12 nights. In the past two days, drivers passing through the viaduct of Yingtian street may have noticed that the original yellow street lamps have disappeared and turned into a whole piece of warm white light, which is more comfortable to see. It is learned from the place where people in the street lamp management industry and experts of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau suggested that more measures should be taken. After 12 overnight efforts of street lamp maintenance workers, 1677 street lamps along the elevated Yingtian street have been completely energy-saving transformed in the early morning of November 26. LED lamps with higher luminous efficiency replace the old high-pressure sodium lamps, which can save at least 30% electricity

in order to ensure traffic lighting, only one lamp can be replaced.

the lighting improvement project of Nanjing well shaped inner ring is accelerating. Several years ago, the energy-saving transformation of street lamps on the West trunk road (Huju Road) has been completed. By the end of October this year, the East trunk road (Longpan Road) has also been completed. All new LED lamps have been replaced. The energy-saving projects of street lamps on model road and Jiangdong Road have also been included in the next year's plan, The energy-saving transformation of the logistics "Green Plan" lamp implemented by Alibaba and its rookie logistics network in the elevated road of Yingtian street in conjunction with 32 logistics partners around the world should be completed by the end of November

LIANGHAI, manager of the facility maintenance department of the street lamp management office of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, told us that the area where the street lamp energy-saving transformation was implemented was the Yingtian Street Viaduct (the section from Qinhong South Road to Yangtze River Avenue), with a total length of 9.8 kilometers and a total of 1677 street lamps. "The operation is very difficult. In order to ensure the normal passage of vehicles at night, we can't cut off the power and change the lights. If we remove one lamp, we must replace it immediately and light it at the same time."

at 10:00 p.m. on November 23, the traffic volume of overhead vehicles decreased significantly, and the street lamp maintenance workers began to change lamps on the same day. In the temporary barricade, the lifting arm of an engineering vehicle has risen to more than 10 meters high. Two workers are standing in a 1 square meter platform, cooperating with each other to remove the original high-pressure sodium lamp and install a new LED lamp. At the same time, at the bottom of the street lamp pole, another worker pulled out the old wire and connected the new wire. After 10 minutes, a street lamp was successfully replaced and turned on again. The engineering vehicle puts down the lifting arm and continues to replace another lamp

the time is tight and the task is heavy, so we can only use weekends to work overtime

to undertake the energy-saving reform of Yingtian Street elevated street lamp so as to ensure that static electricity will not cause damage to the instrument; The construction workers are from the maintenance department. In order to ensure that the lighting rate of street lights in the main city is above 99%, they have to work normally from Monday to Thursday and can only work overtime on weekends

"from November 2, every Friday to Sunday, from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next day, we use 12 overnight to complete the transformation task." LIANGHAI said that the first weekend was warm, and it was cool for everyone to wear thick work clothes to work on the elevated ground. At the beginning of the second weekend, the weather turned cold. Wearing down jackets could not stop the wind from pouring in. Several people got cold all night

in order to complete the transformation task with quality and quantity, the street lamp management office of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau gave full play to the exemplary role of Party members, named the engineering vehicle group with Party members as "Party member vehicle group" and awarded the "Party member pioneer". "Among the more than 100 maintenance workers, there are 39 party members. They arrive at the unit oneortwo hours in advance every night to assemble the new LED lights and arrange the lines in advance. During on-site operation, the 'Party member Vehicle Group' set an example, and the operation is more standardized and faster, playing a good exemplary and leading role." Huangliben, a member of the facility maintenance branch of the street lamp management office of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, said that although weijianqiang, a member of the lighting office, was not a front-line worker, he volunteered to drive a pickup truck to pick up old lamps and send new lamps, and insisted on sending hundreds of sets of lamps and lanterns more than ten times every night

the high-pressure sodium lamps have been used for more than ten years, and the LED lamps save 30% energy.

the street lamps along the elevated Yingtian street have been running for more than ten years. The lamps are old and the lighting quality is much worse than before. All the high-pressure sodium lamps installed at that time consume a lot of energy. After the energy-saving transformation, the light changes from yellow to warm white, which is brighter, more uniform and comfortable, and the lamp has a longer service life and lower energy consumption

"compared with the service life in the laboratory, the high-pressure sodium lamp is more than 10000 hours, and the LED lamp is 50000 hours." Liang Hai said that when the same brightness is used, LED lamps can save at least 30% of electricity. Moreover, all the LED lamps installed this time are equipped with adjustment lines. For example, the LED lamps used now are 200 watts, which can be adjusted to 100 watts in the later midnight, which will be more energy-saving. The original high-pressure sodium lamp does not have the regulation function

there are Ming city walls, Qinhuai River, Xuanwu Lake, Dabaoen temple and other places of interest along the inner ring road of Nanjing. At present, the landscape lighting and upgrading projects in these places have been completed, which has become the night card of the ancient capital Nanjing. With all the LED energy-saving lights on the Jingzi inner ring expressway in the city, while upgrading the lighting facilities and saving energy and reducing consumption, it can also be more harmonious and unified with the surrounding landscape

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