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Compulsory classification of domestic waste by Party and government organs above county level in Zhejiang Province before the end of the year release date: Source: Zhejiang recently, the Zhejiang garbage classification joint inspection team visited and inspected the domestic waste classification work of various organs and units in the province. From November 19 to 21, the first inspection team first conducted special inspections on the Hangzhou municipal government building and the government agencies in Tonglu, Jiande and Chun'an. On the 20th, the first inspection team went to Jiande and Chun'an

in the administrative office building of Chun'an County, the inspection team inspected the waste classification facilities in the public area. In the garbage collection points in the compound, other garbage, perishable garbage, hazardous garbage and recyclables are fully equipped, and the signs and identifications also meet the classification standard of urban domestic garbage in Zhejiang province implemented on November 1 this year

however, when the inspection team opened the lid of "other garbage", it still found a problem: the cleaning staff threw leaves into the bucket of "other garbage"

wangyingda, a garbage classification expert and vice president of Hangzhou urban and rural architectural design institute, explained that branches and fallen leaves belong to "garden garbage", which should be collected separately and put into the designated place. If the amount is relatively small, such as the garden waste generated by the family, it should also be put into the "perishable waste" bucket. It is obviously wrong to put it in "other garbage", indicating that the garbage classification knowledge of cleaning personnel needs to be strengthened

at the same time, the inspection team also randomly checked the garbage classification in the office. Most offices either use "two classification" garbage cans or place two garbage cans to classify other garbage and perishable garbage. Some office staff also told the inspection team that "recyclables" in the office are stored at designated points and will be collected by special personnel

however, in one of the offices, the inspection team also found a wastebasket mixed with tissue boxes, apple cores, cigarette shells, used napkins, milk bags, medicine packaging, etc. "The used napkins belong to other garbage. The apple core is perishable garbage. The paper towel box and cigarette case are recyclable, which provide great support for our new project. The garbage in this office is mixed." Members of the inspection team pointed out that

in the administrative office area of Jiande City, the inspection team believed that the waste classification facilities and equipment were relatively complete, but also found some small problems, such as the garden waste did not have a separate location, the oil circuit system leaked seriously or the oil pipe was broken for storage, "recyclable" trash cans had cigarette butts, and the broken hot water bottle was put into "other waste". "The hot water bottle bladder should be packaged with newspapers, etc., and then put into the harmful garbage can." Wangyingda said, "it shows that the awareness of classification needs to be improved."

it is reported that the special inspection organized by the Zhejiang provincial classification office and the provincial organ affairs administration will conduct a special inspection on the domestic waste classification work of the provincial Party and government organs above the county level. From November 12 to December 15, the inspection team divided the soldiers into three groups and randomly inspected the domestic waste classification work organization, publicity, system construction, facility setting, the use of disposable consumer goods, the canteen "CD-ROM action" and so on in the government administrative buildings of 11 cities, 90 counties and urban areas in the province

"everyone is responsible for waste classification. Party and government organs should give play to the discovery of demonstration and encourage Thomas Swan to play a leading role in further research." Zhangshaoyun, leader of the first inspection team and director of the Energy Conservation Department of the provincial government affairs administration, said that our province should achieve the goal of combining the two fiber types in one live waste classification and full coverage by the end of 2019, and the party and government should become the pioneer and "pacesetter"

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