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Industry discussion: what is hindering the rapid development of flexographic printing 6

at present, although Shanghai laser, Guangzhou Yuexin and radium MIGA are also producing related products in China, and technically, they can partially replace imports to meet the needs of domestic medium and low-grade products, but the vast majority of high-grade products still need to be imported

we consulted Mr. Huang Weining, who often deals with printing plants, on the current configuration of wrinkle rollers of domestic flexo printing manufacturers. He said that many printing plants in China are not equipped with complete wrinkle rollers. The so-called complete, under normal circumstances, a flexographic press may need two wrinkle rolls of 800 lines/inch, threeorfour lines/inch, one or two lines/inch of 600 lines/inch, and one line/inch of 400 lines/inch. 28 (5) 033549016180 d=3a some printing plants are equipped with relatively single equipment, such as only 600 lines/inch. In this way, the choice of products is greatly limited. If you receive an order with high quality requirements, you will definitely not be able to print a good effect

the main reason for this situation is the high price of corrugated rollers. However, the cost of consumables is already very high. To reduce the price, we must open the door to foreign products and reduce tariffs. China's entry into WTO may create conditions for this

after all, he has been engaged in the cause of corrugated roller for 13 years. It can be said that he has watched the development of corrugated roller. He said that the technical content of the roller is high, and many domestic customers lack experience when they just began to use the flexographic press. They do not know how to choose the appropriate roller. They need external technical support, and relying on trade agents alone is far from enough. According to the domestic demand for corrugated rollers, we have planned to produce corrugated rollers and other flexographic printing consumables in China. In the fourth quarter of this year, some domestically produced ceramic corrugated rollers with better quality will be provided to the domestic market. The technology we adopt is relatively advanced, and it is completely imported from Australia. However, although the same process and equipment are used, it is still difficult to reach the foreign level in a short time. We will rely on laser to enrich 17 years of production experience and strive to shorten the gap within half a year to a year. Australian engineers will also come to give strong technical support. According to the plan, aokeli's production will be divided into two steps: first, start with low-end products and introduce high-end products from abroad. Wait until the low-end products are ready, and then start making high-end products. Step by step, all products will be produced domestically

with a good corrugation roller, you may not be able to print high-quality products. This is also well known. After all, I have deep feelings about this. He said that this actually has a lot to do with the maintenance of the corrugated roller. In developed countries, it is soft and weak: the tensile strength is low. If there is a flexographic press in the factory, the wrinkle roller cleaning machine is necessary. But now the domestic situation is that half or even more of the manufacturers with flexo printing machines do not have cleaning machines. Now many flexographic printing manufacturers with incomplete equipment and low efficiency have fallen into a vicious circle. Only manufacturers with complete equipment and good efficiency have entered a virtuous circle. Our company not only provides high-quality corrugated rollers, but also produces corrugated roller cleaning equipment, and has done a lot of publicity about it. Now more and more customers are beginning to realize the importance of corrugated roller maintenance

IV. double sided tape

although it is not a large consumable, it is essential in flexographic printing. Later, more and more materials, with high technical content, are directly related to the quality of flexographic printing. At present, the foreign businessmen who supply double-sided tape in China are mainly Desa and 3M, and all the double-sided tape used in flexible packaging printing is imported. Although there is a manufacturer of double-sided adhesive tape in Guangzhou, the quality is general, and it is only used for corrugated box printing, which can not meet the needs of other packaging and printing

according to Secretary General Lin, the profit of double-sided adhesive tape is very high. If the standard tensile sample is clamped on the tensile testing machine, the A4 page is about 10 yuan, and the A4 page is 70 yuan. The sum of the two is 80 yuan, and there are processing costs, so this part cannot be ignored at all

generally speaking, compared with Europe and the United States and other countries, China's flexo printing market is relatively small, and the technical level is limited, so the double-sided adhesive can only rely on imports. To truly solve the problem, the key is to realize localized production. But at present, the domestic flexo printing market is not enough to invest in a double-sided adhesive tape manufacturer. Only when the market reaches a certain scale can an industry be formed

it seems that we have to wait for the time to come

to sum up, due to the fact that flexo printing consumables are largely imported, and there are some gaps, the overall cost of flexo printing remains high. Therefore, only by realizing localized production can we fundamentally solve the problem. However, the development and production of flexo printing consumables is not a matter of a year or two. What it needs is a mature market environment. For example, although there are some domestic plates, there is always a gap between the application effect and imported plates. This requires us to have more contact with foreign manufacturers and gradually improve the domestic situation, so as to make flexo printing develop healthily and rapidly

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