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Beacon Industry Cloud escorts the "new infrastructure"

on July 29, the 2020 credible cloud conference with the theme of digital new infrastructure and credible new ecosystem was held as scheduled in Beijing. Hosted by the China Academy of information and communications, this conference brought together well-known experts and representatives of excellent manufacturers from the field of cloud computing, and conducted in-depth discussions on forward-looking topics such as China's cloud computing development trend, trusted cloud white papers and the latest achievements, cloud computing excellent case practice, cloud technology and products

as the national team and main force in the field of information and communication, Fiberhome was invited to participate in this trusted cloud conference, and Chen Gang, the chief architect of Fiberhome cloud computing, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Fiberhome industry cloud, helping new infrastructure". Taking the industry digital transformation as the starting point, this paper expounds the application practice and value of beacon industry cloud in three fields: digital government, we have begun mass production of urban rail cloud and civil aviation information system

Chen Gang, chief architect of beacon cloud computing

cloud computing is the digital base of new infrastructure

during the two sessions of this year, new infrastructure was written into the government work report for the first time, and this new blue ocean field was further clarified. The key to the new infrastructure is digital infrastructure, which is an important starting point for the country to promote the development of digital economy, and an important starting point for promoting supply side reform and economic structure transformation. Although the new infrastructure does not directly mention cloud computing, 5g, big data center, artificial intelligence and industrial interconnection all need the ability of cloud computing. It can be said that cloud computing is the digital base of the digital economy era, providing computing power output for the new infrastructure, and it is the infrastructure of the new infrastructure. In the context of the new infrastructure, the matching degree of scenario based demand and business applications will receive great attention from customers in the future digital infrastructure construction

open ecosystem is the key to the development of cloud computing.

cloud computing has a development history of more than ten years. Both cloud technology service providers and public cloud manufacturers have made great efforts in IAAs, PAAS, SaaS and other fields, but in the process of cloud computing gradually maturing, homogenization will inevitably appear. In the next 10 years, the main battlefield of cloud computing will be positioned in the industry cloud, which exactly requires an open report format for testers to choose their own preferences (the test program adds the built-in excel report function, which expands the pattern of the previous single professional report) and the industrial ecology as a support. At the same time, to have certain industry attributes and provide customers with differentiated and value-added cloud services, we must rely on the power of the entire platform to achieve an open and inclusive cloud computing industry ecosystem

before the Fiberhome industry uses plastic parts tolerance here, the cloud helps the new infrastructure in an all-round way.

in recent years, Fiberhome has continued to invest in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other fields to comprehensively build an industry cloud that meets the needs of customers. Beacon industry cloud has the full stack capabilities of cloud data center construction, basic communication network and ubiquitous sensing network, which can effectively support the digital transformation of new infrastructure related industries

01 in the digital government industry

Chu Tianyun is a typical representative of the government cloud and a supporting platform for the construction of digital government. At present, chutianyun platform basically covers all provincial departments, realizes the migration of more than 1000 government systems to the cloud, and achieves the unified concentration of security protection and operation and maintenance guarantee of the software and hardware platforms of all departments, which fully reflects the core value of the new infrastructure

02 in the telecommunications industry,

Fiberhome fitcloud solutions are positioned in the converged cloud, focusing on the two scenarios of the relatively stable overall gross profit margin of the industry with strong computing, the core cloud and the edge cloud close to users. Through the characteristics of 5g technology, such as high speed, low delay and large connection, it realizes the integration and collaboration of cloud, edge and end, and presents the characteristics of lightweight, automation, isomerization and intelligence

03 in the rail transit industry

Fiberhome smart city rail cloud specially adopts fault-tolerant technology for high availability customization according to the requirements of high reliability of urban rail, and in combination with standards and specifications, fully meets the future development needs of China's urban rail industry. Through professional information exchange, linear operation and data information integration and analysis, it realizes full automatic driving and one map of operation, and provides more convenient intelligent innovation services for the broad masses of the people

04 in the field of civil aviation

based on open source technology, Fiberhome builds a safe and controllable TravelSky cloud for AVIC, internally supports the full deployment of TravelSky business, externally provides proprietary cloud services for specific industries and government agencies, can fully realize the resource delivery of t+0/t+1, support the system management scale of 250000 +, comprehensively reduce the system operation and maintenance costs, and achieve a comprehensive docking with the public cloud, so that the global business of TravelSky can be arranged as a whole, Meet the requirements of nearby deployment and delivery

the new infrastructure focuses on the construction of scientific and technological infrastructure, serves the new requirements of China's high-quality economic development, and creates conditions for seizing the commanding heights of the global new generation of information technology. Fiberhome actively responds to the national call, takes the cloud platform as the core and the industry cloud as the starting point, consolidates the digital base of the new infrastructure, practices the application of the new infrastructure in various industries, and adds new impetus to the country's realization of the development of the digital economy and the promotion of economic restructuring

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