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Repositioning the plastic processing industry in the industry development plan

at the recently held "the eighth Symposium on high and new technology and industrialization of China's plastic industry and the 2013 annual meeting of the plastic technical cooperation committee of China Plastics Association · technical exchange meeting", chairman Qian Guijing delivered a speech, The two key tasks of the 6th Council of China Plastics Processing Industry Association since its establishment were elaborated in depth: first, the guiding opinions on the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of plastics processing industry were formulated and officially adopted at the Second Council of the 6th Council; Second, the guiding opinions on the progress of plastic processing technology (year) was formulated and officially adopted at the third session of the Sixth Council. These two guiding opinions define the future development path of China's plastic processing industry

the guiding opinions of the 12th Five Year Plan repositioned the plastic processing industry

the start of the plastic processing industry can be traced back to simple means of living. With the rapid development, the plastic processing industry has moved from comprehensive materials to means of production, and towards the development and production of high-tech products. In this case, it is very important to reposition the position of this industry in the national economy. The guiding opinions of the "12th Five Year Plan" development plan clarify that the plastic processing industry is a people's livelihood industry that provides safe and reliable consumer goods for the majority of consumers, and also a basic industry of the national economy that provides important products and various emerging materials for all walks of life. The plastic processing industry started from the livelihood industry and is now developing towards the basic industry of the national economy. At the same time, the 12th Five year plan also makes it clear that the plastic processing industry is a new manufacturing industry with products as the core, covering raw materials, machinery, molds and additives

why is it called emerging manufacturing? There are two reasons: first, China's plastic processing industry started late in the light industry, which is an emerging industry. Secondly, the plastic processing industry involves new materials, new technologies and new equipment

according to Chairman Qian Guijing, only 13% of Enterprises above the scale of China's plastic processing industry and 87% of enterprises below the scale. In 2012, the sales revenue of Enterprises above Designated Size reached 1700billion yuan. In other words, the output value of the whole industry exceeds 200 billion yuan. In 2011, the output value of the plastic processing industry accounted for 3.55% of GDP that year. From the perspective of economics, if it reaches 5%, it can be called a pillar industry. Although it has not reached the threshold of 5%, the plastic processing industry is an emerging industry, which is in a period of rapid growth, which is different from other industries that have entered the mature stage. From the current situation, although the growth rate has decreased compared with previous years, the growth rate of plastic processing industry remains at a high level compared with other light industries. Therefore, the plastic processing industry will be the pillar industry of the national economy in the future

"repositioning the position of plastic processing industry in the national economy is to better reflect the actual situation of plastic processing industry and better clarify the important role of plastic processing industry in the national economy." President Qian Guijing said

general idea of the guidance on the progress of plastic processing technology

the guidance on the progress of plastic processing technology (3) enhancing the heat dissipation capacity comprehensively analyzes the rare historical opportunities faced by the plastic processing industry, summarizes the technological progress and shortcomings since the 12th Five Year Plan, and also discusses the severe challenges, future trends and the latest cutting-edge technologies faced in the development of the current plastic processing industry

the general idea of this opinion can be summarized as the following four points:

first, the plastic processing industry should adhere to the guidelines of independent innovation, key leaps and leading the future, highlight the theme and main line of closely focusing on scientific and Technological Development and structural adjustment, accelerate the transformation of development mode, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry

second, we should speed up the construction and improvement of the technological innovation system of Jinan experimental machine factory of plastic processing industry with enterprises as the main body and independent innovation as the main line. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Jinan Jing university type experimental machine factory should give full play to the important support and guarantee role of scientific and technological innovation and technological progress in the transformation and upgrading of plastic processing industry

third, we should focus on the core technologies of current key commonalities, strive to narrow the gap with developed countries, and comprehensively improve industrial quality

fourth, we should vigorously promote the construction of safe passage of plastic system, comprehensively improve product quality and brand influence, and strengthen industrial advantages. Vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, green production, and efficient use of resources, constantly enhance the competitiveness of the industry, and promote the strategic transformation of the plastic processing industry from large to strong

the guidance also puts forward some views on the future development direction and key technology research. The overall direction should focus on the "four tight":/p>

first, closely track the development trend of contemporary science and technology and cutting-edge technology, and grasp the development direction of the whole plastic industry according to the requirements of functionalization and lightweight for molding

second, focus on the key common core technologies of the plastic processing industry, strive for key breakthroughs, and form industrialization to change the face of the plastic processing industry

third, we should vigorously promote new materials, new processes, new technologies and new equipment around improving industrial quality

fourth, focus on green development, circular development and cleaner production to create a new level of energy conservation and emission reduction for the plastic processing industry

functionalization and lightweight are the molding requirements of the plastic processing industry

according to the development trend of the contemporary plastic processing industry, this opinion clearly puts forward "functionalization and lightweight" as the molding requirements

functionalization is not only the attribute of products, but also an important direction of product structure adjustment. When the oil temperature of plastic 2 exceeds 60 ℃, the cooling system must be turned on; New materials in the 1st century are indispensable supporting materials for energy-saving and environment-friendly energy high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles and other fields. Functional films such as various high resistance diaphragms, battery diaphragms, photosynthetic membranes, solar cell subpackage membranes, as well as ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes, as well as various engineering plastics such as high strength, high toughness, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, conductivity, thermal insulation, nano core, will be in increasing demand in the future market. The acceleration of technological progress will give plastic materials and plastic products more new functions to meet the needs of the national economy. The functionalization and intellectualization of plastic products will be more widely developed in the future

lightweight technology will bring great convenience to the development of plastic industry. The progress of new materials and processes (core processes such as laminated coextrusion and multilayer composite) makes it possible to develop lightweight films, sheets and containers: structural weight reduction can be achieved by using foaming technology, such as supercritical carbon dioxide foaming technology, which is concerned by the current industry; Microporous plastics adopt the cutting-edge technology in the world today. In every cubic centimeter, there are probably a small hole with a very small pore diameter due to the participation of many additives in the new data, which not only realizes the weight reduction, but also greatly improves the various properties of plastics; High strength foamed products are also widely used in high-speed trains, aircraft, ships and other means of transportation. In the future, lightweight materials will be more and more widely used in automobiles, aircraft, rail transit. Micro molding technology is one of the most advanced technologies in the plastic processing industry from equipment to molding process, including 3D printing, micro speed molding and CAD molding, which are currently popular. They are widely used in photoelectric communication, image transmission, medical devices, information storage, electronic products, biomedicine, precision materials, which can meet the requirements of more expensive materials, more subtle parts The application and demand of high-end precision structural parts that save more space

lightweight and functionalization are not only the overall development direction and trend of the world's plastic processing industry, but also an embodiment of the advanced molding technology of the plastic processing industry, leading the direction of the industry's future scientific and technological clearance and technological innovation, which is of great significance to the industry

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