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How will the WiFi industry break down when industry giants gather at the China smart WiFi Innovation Summit

on November 30, the 2017 China smart WiFi Business Innovation Summit and the first smart WiFi business innovation competition award ceremony was held in Oct Shenzhen. Hosted by the smart WiFi network application industry alliance, this conference takes new connection and heart connection as the theme, adheres to the concept of intelligent innovation, sharing and win-win results, provides the latest and most professional industry report for the innovation and development of the WiFi industry, and creates the largest, most valuable and influential annual event in the smart WiFi industry

the smart WiFi Business Innovation Summit brings together business CEOs from the WiFi industry, iResearch, and 5O through holes in the coding disk. They are masters of the industry, such as binary cyclic code venture capital, to discuss hot topics in the WiFi industry. In addition, the summit also held an award ceremony for the smart WiFi business innovation competition, and the guests witnessed the innovative development of China's WiFi industry

the orderly development of the alliance will start. I am the w project

first of all, Meng Dequan, executive vice chairman of the intelligent WiFi network application industry alliance and deputy general manager of Ping An Information Technology Department, summarized the work progress of the alliance since its establishment, and issued a licensing ceremony to the second batch of member enterprises of the alliance. Meng Dequan said that since the establishment of the alliance, just like startups, it has been growing and exploring

at present, the alliance has launched three service functions: resource aggregation, innovation incubation, improving environmental threshold and information coordination, and launched alliance officials and official wechat. In addition, the alliance held offline industry salons; Participated in the international information and Communication Exhibition and received extensive attention in the industry; And jointly released the 2017 white paper on the development of China's WiFi industry with iResearch; And hosted the first smart WiFi business innovation competition, which is committed to promoting the scene application, business model development and social value empowerment of the WiFi industry

next, the alliance will launch the project of W people, and plan to conduct a series of interviews with 100 enterprise leaders or technical experts to help. 2. The routine maintenance of the material change experimental machine is the cleaning and inspection before and after the operation of the experimental machine and in the process. The elites in the industry can have more opportunities to show their opinions and show their breakthroughs and achievements in technology. We have also cooperated with many venture capital, finance and economics, science and technology Internet media to help enterprises do brand promotion. Meng Dequan appealed on the spot that members are expected to actively sign up for the two management bodies of the alliance Council and the technical committee. The Council is to jointly formulate guidelines and strategies for the development of the alliance and the industry. The technical committee is more about how to foster some new technologies and how to develop and guide the direction of new technologies. Cooperation is the general trend, and only when all creatures win can they break through and avoid the change of the company's share price

it is hoped that through an aggregation platform such as the alliance, peers in the WiFi industry can quickly build a business community, cross-border or expand the back-end services of the WiFi industry, so that we will form a strong joint force. This is also the key to the success or development of WiFi in the second half. Meng Dequan emphasized

platform becomes a trend industry, which may need a new way of thinking

at the meeting, Wu Ruihua, general manager of Ariva south, resolutely shared the 2017 white paper on the development of China's WiFi industry. He said that with the rapid penetration of mobile Internet into every corner of people's lives, IOT has been driven by the general trend. In the future, the WiFi industry will still be close to people's lifestyle, extending from the front-end hardware solution service to the follow-up operation service. In the process of development, some application tier enterprises will change to sophisticated operations and gradually form platform enterprises. However, from the perspective of market research, the profit model of commercial WiFi is not clear. WiFi enterprises need to have the ability to combine with different channels in the development process, including offline application scenarios, external data companies, etc., and at the same time, they need to have sufficient operational capacity and execution efficiency. Wu resolutely stressed that the connection is only the first step, and the greater challenge is the subsequent back-end services

Rong Guoqiang, chairman of Ping An Information Technology Co., Ltd., shared the new trends of the whole industry under the changes of supply and demand relations and industrial structure. He said that great participation in the production process will lead to changes in cost institutions, and great interaction in the transaction process will lead to changes in supply and demand relations, thus leading to the reconstruction of the business model of Ping An Information Technology Co., Ltd. and proposing the communication + financial innovation model

Rong Guoqiang put forward a new definition of Internet Finance on the spot: in the process of design and development of financial products, the characteristics of mobile Internet will be added and integrated, and requirements will be put forward for the network, including the product itself and the corresponding system to continue to fully transmit, complete sales and complete services under specific conditions in the Internet, which is called Internet finance. Financial interconnection defines the behavior on the Internet, a kind of behavior in the network. After the two words are reversed, there is a great difference. We should do real interconnected finance, not just make finance interconnected

in addition, Zhou Wang'an, President of the Macao International Association for the development of science and technology, explained the operation mode and future development prospects of Macao's WiFi street. He called on Macao to need more excellent entrepreneurial projects on the spot. There is a soil suitable for adventure for entrepreneurs to change the world! Shaoshuai, the investment director of inno angel, shared what kind of BP investors like from the perspective of investors, and gave a practical and vivid lesson to the on-site start-ups

industry is in revolution, everything is interconnected, and the future is changing. However, just like the theme of this conference, new connections and heart connections. Only by leveraging on each other, by making full use of and coordinating the internal and external resources of enterprises, opening up the upstream and downstream industrial chain, gradually extending the types of services, and providing services that can change people's way of life and travel, such as information, finance, life services, payment, can we find the direction of change and development ideas of the WiFi industry in the future

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