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In July 2017, the State Council issued the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence. As the core driving force of the new round of industrial reform, artificial intelligence must be integrated with all walks of life to play its role and form a truly effective industrial intelligence, so as to help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, Filling 4.0~6.0 to speed up artificial intelligence is not conducive to making an accurate assessment of the fatigue life of the experimental belt, which can be applied to the ground

I. manufacturing

intelligent manufacturing is the manufacturing of the whole process, including enterprises and society, in the sense of Internet of things. It further extends the "intelligent factory", "intelligent production", "intelligent building curtain wall testing as/nzs 4284:1995 flow" of industry 4.0 to the intellectualization of the whole process, such as "intelligent consumption", "intelligent service" and so on. Only in these senses, Only in this way can we truly realize the unprecedented situation we are facing. The application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing industry mainly has three aspects: the first is intelligent equipment, including automatic identification equipment, human-computer interaction system, industrial robots, CNC machine tools and other specific equipment. The second is intelligent factory, including intelligent design, intelligent production, intelligent management and integrated optimization. Finally, intelligent services, including large-scale personalized customization, remote operation and maintenance, predictive maintenance and other specific service modes. Although the current AI solutions can not fully meet the requirements of the manufacturing industry, as a universal technology, the integration of AI and manufacturing is the general trend

second, home

smart home is mainly based on IOT technology, which forms a complete home ecosystem through intelligent hardware, software system and cloud computing platform. Users can control equipment remotely, connect and learn from each other, so as to optimize the safety, energy saving and convenience of the home environment as a whole. It is worth mentioning that in the past two years, with the development of intelligent voice technology, intelligent speakers have become an explosive point. Smart speakers are not only audio products, but also intelligent products that cover content services, Internet services and voice interaction functions. They not only have WiFi connection functions, provide content services such as music and audio books, as well as Internet services such as information query and purchase, but also connect with smart homes to realize scene smart home control

second, the emergence and development of financial

artificial intelligence not only promotes the service initiative and intelligence of financial institutions, effectively improves the efficiency of financial services, but also improves the risk management and control ability of financial institutions, which has a positive impact on the innovative development of the financial industry. The applications of AI in the financial field mainly include: intelligent customer acquisition, identity recognition, big data risk control, intelligent investment adviser, intelligent customer service, financial cloud, etc. this industry is also the earliest and most comprehensive industry in which AI has penetrated. In the future, AI will continue to drive the upgrading of intelligent applications and efficiency improvement in the financial industry

IV. retail

artificial intelligence has been widely used in the retail field and is changing the way people shop. Unmanned convenience stores, smart supply chains, passenger flow statistics, and unmanned warehouses/cars are all popular directions. If the aircraft does not use flame-retardant materials, through the close cooperation between big data and business processes, artificial intelligence can optimize the resource allocation of the whole retail industry chain, create more benefits for enterprises and make consumers experience better. In the design process, the machine can provide design schemes; In the manufacturing process, the machine can be fully automated; In the supply chain, the unmanned warehouse managed by computer can predict the sales volume and inventory demand, and reasonably replenish and transfer goods; In the terminal retail link, the machine can intelligently select the location, optimize the display location of goods, and analyze the shopping behavior of consumers

v. transportation

big data and artificial intelligence can make transportation smarter. Intelligent transportation system is the product of the integrated application of communication, information and control technology in transportation system. Through the collection and analysis of vehicle flow and driving speed in traffic, traffic can be monitored and dispatched, which can effectively improve traffic capacity, simplify traffic management, reduce environmental pollution and so on. AI can also protect our safety. People will feel tired and prone to traffic accidents after driving for a long time, and driverless driving solves these problems well. The driverless system can also integrate and analyze traffic lights, vehicle navigation maps and the number of road vehicles, plan the optimal traffic routes, improve road utilization, reduce traffic jams, and save traffic travel time

VI. security

the security field involves a wide range, ranging from individuals and families to communities, cities and national security. At present, intelligent security products mainly fall into four categories: human body analysis, vehicle analysis, behavior analysis and image analysis; The application in the field of security is mainly through image recognition, big data, video structuring and other technologies; From the perspective of industry, it is widely used in public security, transportation, buildings, finance, industry, civil and other fields

VII. Medical treatment

at present, artificial intelligence is widely used in the medical field, from the initial drug research and development to surgery, artificial intelligence can be used. At present, AI startups in the medical field can be divided into eight main directions by field, including medical imaging and diagnosis, medical research, medical risk analysis, drug mining, virtual nurse assistants, health management monitoring, mental health, and nutrition. Among them, assisting in diagnosing and predicting patients' diseases has gradually become the mainstream application direction of artificial intelligence technology in the medical field

VIII. Education

through image recognition, machine correction of test papers, identification and answer of questions can be carried out; Pronunciation can be corrected and improved through speech recognition; And human-computer interaction can answer questions and solve doubts. To some extent, the combination of AI and education can improve the uneven distribution and high cost of teachers in the education industry, and provide teachers and students with more efficient learning methods from the tool level, but it can not have a more substantive impact on the content of education

IX. logistics

the logistics industry has carried out automated transformation in transportation, warehousing, distribution and loading and unloading processes by using intelligent search, reasoning and planning, computer vision, intelligent robots and other technologies, which can basically realize unmanned operation. For example, use big data to carry out intelligent distribution planning for commodities, optimize the allocation of logistics supply, demand matching, logistics resources, etc. At present, most of the manpower in the logistics industry is distributed in the "last mile" distribution link


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