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"Dancing in the wind" industry is not infinite scenery

recently, the 2010 international wind energy technology and Investment Summit Forum held in Nanjing warned that the wind power equipment industry is not infinite potential, and we should beware of overcapacity

90% of wind turbine enterprises will be eliminated

wind power generation is the main force of new energy power generation at present, and it is a power generation mode in the sunrise stage. In 2009, China added 13.8 million kw of wind power installed capacity, ranking first in the world. It has been measured for 4 consecutive years to 10 kg, achieving 100% growth every year. China's cumulative wind power installed capacity has reached 26.01 million KW

wind power manufacturing enterprises have entered fierce competition. There are more than 80 wind power machine manufacturing enterprises, which has changed the situation that domestic wind power generation equipment depends on imports. At the same time, it also brings overcapacity with the electronic universal experimental machine independently developed and produced. Zhou Fengqi, vice president of the China Energy Association, said that if our wind power equipment is of high quality, cheap and internationally competitive, we are not afraid of overcapacity. The international market demand is large and can be digested, but the reality is not optimistic. Not long ago, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the "access standard for wind power equipment manufacturing industry" (Exposure Draft), which mentioned that wind turbine manufacturers must have the production conditions and all production supporting facilities required for the production of single unit capacity of 2.5 MW and above, and annual output of more than 1 million KW. At present, there are no more than 10 enterprises that can meet the standard. Once the standard is implemented, unqualified enterprises will not get preferential treatment in terms of taxes, land and loans in the future, leaving only the fate of being eliminated

wind power needs to solve the problem of short board

according to the survey, among the more than 80 domestic wind power machine manufacturing enterprises, only Jinfeng, Huarui and Dongqi are large-scale, with a total annual output of 8million kW, and the rest are small-scale enterprises. 20% to 30% of the wind turbines are idle or idle, which has become a prominent weakness in the wind power industry chain

Li Qi, deputy director of the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province, believes that Jiangsu's wind power industry is in the leading position in the country, but there are still relatively few and complete problems that the industrial chain does not mix LDPE and LLDPE. As Jiangsu wind turbines enter the production period, some manufacturing and technical defects will gradually be exposed, posing a test for the long-term safe and stable operation of wind turbines. Yin Ming, of the National Institute of electric energy, said that wind power has its own characteristics. When there is wind, it generates electricity. When there is no wind, it does not generate electricity. Most of the wind generates electricity, but less of it. How to store energy and how to ensure stability? In Denmark, wind power accounts for 20%, which is the highest in the world. How much wind power should China account for? How to bundle and deliver thermal power, hydropower and wind power is an urgent technical problem, and there is no mature solution yet. Jiuquan wind power base is the first ten million kilowatt wind power base in China, but the generated wind power can not be consumed there, so it needs to be transmitted. High voltage lines are being built from Jiuquan to Lanzhou, and Lanzhou can't afford it. If we learn to send gas from the west to the east to Shanghai, the photoelectric line will cost more than 900million yuan. Zhou Fengqi said that the problem of Jiuquan base is universal

at present, China's wind power wear refers to the reduction of the geometric size (volume) of parts. The bases are mainly concentrated in Gansu, Xinjiang, Hebei, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and other provinces and regions. Except that Jiangsu is located in the eastern power load center, most regions can't absorb the wind power produced at all. China can't follow the way of European dispersion and local absorption, but can only be large-scale, high concentration, high voltage, long-distance transmission. Transmission is not a problem. As long as you are willing to spend money, wind power can be sent anywhere you want. The problem is that the economic cost is too high

Zhou Fengqi said that China's wind energy resources do not match the distribution of power load, and large-scale non combined wind power systems are needed. High power consumption industries should be located in areas rich in wind energy resources, such as the electrolytic aluminum project with an annual output of 100000 tons, which can build a 500000 kw wind farm to supply power. Wind power industry is a national strategic industry, which is not such a simple thing as installation, power generation and use. It needs systematic planning at the national level

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