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2020 China corrugated board industry chain and future development trend forecast

release date: Source: China Academy of commerce industry

corrugated board, also known as corrugated board. It is formed by bonding at least one layer of corrugated paper and one layer of box board paper, and has good elasticity and extensibility. It is mainly used to make cartons, the sandwich of cartons and other packaging materials for fragile goods

the upstream of corrugated board uses corrugated core paper and face paper as raw materials. After the subsequent cutting, printing and binding process on duty, the corrugated box is manufactured in different sizes and designs, and into one. 1. The pressure gauge used in the pressure test should be verified to be qualified And send it to the downstream market for use within the effective service life. Corrugated box is widely used because of its good cushioning performance

in recent decades, the automation level of corrugated board manufacturing in China has increased rapidly. Technological progress and the market demand for large-scale manufacturing make the automated corrugated board production line replace the labor force; The arrival of automatic production line not only improves the operation efficiency and product quality, but also reduces the labor cost of Lao 8 in the continuous loading process. The automation of manufacturing with ball socket and upper pressing plate installed at the lower end of corrugated cardboard screw rod is the general trend

development trend of corrugated board industry:

intelligent manufacturing. The development plan of China's packaging industry (2016-2020) emphasizes that intelligent manufacturing is one of the main development trends. The application of Intelligent Computing and automatic simultaneous control and other information technologies in the corrugated board manufacturing process will help to minimize unnecessary production waste, save energy costs and labor, and improve operation efficiency

accelerate industry integration. The paper packaging industry is experiencing an integration stage driven by market and policy factors. The continuous improvement of environmental protection standards and raw material procurement costs has promoted the withdrawal of small market participants

product innovation. The paper packaging industry must pay attention to product innovation and pay attention to the new needs of downstream markets. The emergence of new raw materials, while ensuring the cushioning effect and structural rigidity of corrugated board, is lighter and thinner, making light industries such as household appliances and consumer electronics products move towards the era of light packaging

increased manufacturing costs. Due to strict restrictions on the import of solid waste containing waste paper, the cost of base paper began to soar in the fourth quarter of 2016. From 2014 to 2019, the average annual compound growth rate of China's corrugated base paper price index was 5%. In the environment of realizing zero import of solid waste and restricting plastic products and packaging, corrugated board manufacturers must bear the cost of plateau paper made from domestic waste paper, and the price of base paper as a whole has increased positively. It is estimated that the price index of corrugated board base paper in China will be 132.8 in 2024

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