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Industrial collaborative development smart city

from June to September 2015, Advantech technology, the leading brand of intelligent systems, will hold technology application innovation forums in Ningbo, Hefei, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Qingdao and Changsha. The theme of this ASF forum is industrial synergy and the development of smart cities. Discussions and physical exhibitions will be held around the three topics of IOT, smart cities and industry 4.0. It is expected that more than 800 industry experts will come to the scene and participate in the discussion. Through industry opening and intensive discussion, on-site display of IOT technology and products, and the sharing of the latest landing practice cases and experience of smart city construction, ASF forum has become the innovation benchmark of IOT and smart city, helping the development of China's smart city industry

figure note: 2015 Advantech technology application and Innovation Forum (ASF Forum) is about to set sail

by 2020, 50billion devices will be connected to the Internet in the world. IOT and smart city have changed from a hot concept to a prominent academic concern of the investment community, enterprises and governments, of which vertical industries such as transportation, medical treatment, education, retail, agriculture, manufacturing are particularly important. Since putting forward the pushing enterprise mission of smart earth in 2010, Advantech has been committed to the physical transformation of IOT technology in the landing of smart cities. In six ASF forums, Advantech combined with the actual situation of six cities to explore the general trend and latest trends of IOT development, the successful cases of smart city construction in the world, and the transformation and upgrading opportunities faced by the equipment manufacturing industry in the era of industry 4.0

at the same time, following the release of the 2014 white paper on the application of Advantech smart city, which triggered extensive discussion in the industry, the selected 2015 cases of IOT smart city innovation (hereinafter referred to as the "selected cases") will be heavily launched in the ASF forum with the latest thinking and examples of Advantech. This selected collection of cases contains more than 20 benchmark cases in seven industries, including transportation, logistics, medical treatment, retail, manufacturing, agriculture and construction. It gives a panoramic display of the successful application of Advantech and its partners in exploring the construction of smart cities, and provides a desk reference for smart city decision makers and industrial partners to understand the global trends, advanced technologies and experiences of smart cities

with the proposal of the policies of the Chinese government Internet +, made in China Road 21 to expand production capacity 025 and so on, the understanding of the concept of IOT has been deepened from all walks of life, and enterprises have ushered in another round of opportunities and challenges. IOT is not only a leading technology, but also a new concept. ASF forum will use Advantech's experience in exploring the vertical field of smart city to practice the leap from landing to development of smart city with industrial partners. The first two events will be held on June 16 and June 18 in Jigu, Ningbo and Hefei, respectively. Advantech sincerely invites you to join us and work with us to promote the development of smart cities in China

about ASF:

Advantech solution Forum (abbreviated as ASF) is an important platform for exchange and cooperation among smart city industry partners organized and planned by Advantech. Since the first successful holding in 2010, ASF has covered more than 20 cities across the country. More than 5000 industry leaders have participated in the discussion of industrial collaboration and innovative applications on this exchange platform between IOT and smart city

the 2015 Advantech technology application innovation forum will be held in six cities, Ningbo, Hefei, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Qingdao and Changsha, with the theme of smart cities for industrial collaborative development. To understand the trends, technologies and applications of the latest industry 4.0, IOT and smart city, sign up immediately or call the event registration hotline:

about Advantech:

Advantech is a leading manufacturer in the intelligent system (intelligent system if the rotation direction is incorrect s) industry, and has become a trusted international brand for customers with advanced technology and reliable quality. Since its establishment in 1983, Advantech has 7322 full-time employees worldwide, with branches in 21 countries and 92 major cities. Its three business groups focus on the automation market, embedded computer market and intelligent service market, and form a strong technical service and marketing network with a number of partners to provide customers with convenient services with truly global layout and localized response. Yanhua takes the promotion of smart earth as its corporate mission, and takes driving smart city innovation and building a model of IOT industry as its goal to help industries accelerate their intelligent operation, and is determined to become the most influential global enterprise in the field of smart city and IOT. For more information, please check

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