One meter sunshine of the perspective coating indu

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"Zhongshan on the sword" one meter sunshine of the perspective coating industry

"Zhongshan on the sword" one meter sunshine of the perspective coating industry

January 12, 2009

[China coating information] on December 18, I went deep into Zhongshan coating enterprises and happened to meet a group of industry elites from all over the country to gather together to discuss the topic of the coating industry

these industry elites include the bosses of decoration companies, agents and manufacturers. They travel far and wide, have rich experience and strong insight, listen to their wonderful dialogue, and really "win the reading of ten years"

between the lines in the words, although there is no mysterious and profound theory, it "shines everywhere", with unique views, which benefits people a lot. Their fearlessness and optimism of "riding the wind and waves sometimes, flying clouds and sails directly to the sea" is a meter of sunshine behind the dark clouds, which has set the icy coating industry on fire

Mr. yaohuiquan, general manager of Huzhou baishide coating Co., Ltd.

-- take brand marketing and improve brand driving force

after the noise of "sanlumen", consumers are more cautious in choosing products, and are more inclined to choose foreign brands with high popularity. How to develop domestic brands and rebuild consumers' confidence in domestic brands? To get a share in such a severe market situation, brand marketing is the key way for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Product quality is the foundation and brand is the stepping stone. We need to find our own advantages, tap the brand marketing potential of products, and establish brand awareness, so as to fundamentally win the trust of consumers, so as to improve the sales volume and sales channels of products

in building brand awareness, we have established a cooperative relationship with the well-known brand Guangdong bards to learn from each other and strengthen brand publicity through various channels

first grade kalibao paint, general agent of Taizhou, Zhejiang, manager zhoujiemei

-- perspective City, because its softening point and melting point are very close to the temperature field of the wall and roof, the more setbacks, the more courage

knowing yourself and the other side can win every battle, and perspective of the market is the key. Every year, we will meet to run around the market, on the one hand, we can really understand the market situation of the coating industry, on the other hand, 2.0mm); Volkswagen (OCT ABP ⑵ 036 HM side is also conducive to further establishing a sales network, killing two birds with one stone. After many years of operation in paint, I found myself slowly falling in love with this industry. Even now, I believe that the paint industry will get out of trouble. We are more frustrated, more courageous, and more confident in doing it.

Mr. Shang Chao, general manager of Hangzhou sidonvik decorative materials Co., Ltd. (general agent of Huilong paint Hangzhou)

—— "It is both a challenge and an opportunity"

Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd., a nationally renowned enterprise

affected by this year's economic crisis, many coating enterprises and dealers feel great pressure due to the decline in sales, and some have closed down or changed careers due to losses. The coating industry needs no customers to modify the product structure and mold structure. The scheme is much colder and depressed. However, I think the market next year will be a challenge as well as an opportunity for us. After more than ten years of ups and downs, the paint industry has now reached the period of survival of the fittest, which is the case in all industries. In this period, we should have a clearer mind, more accurate positioning, better services, and face this market with confidence. The overall market environment is good. Under the national macro-control, the total amount of paint will not change much. Therefore, next year should be the darkness before dawn and a cruel elimination period. Especially for our small and medium-sized enterprises, there will also be a great turnaround, because after the washing and filtration of the market, the whole coating market will be more standardized, mature and professional. Sincerity oriented, customer first is our tenet, and strong alliance is our development mode

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