One death, three injuries and two safety incidents

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One death, three injuries, two safety accidents a year caused by the explosion of Jiangshan Co., Ltd.

one death, three injuries, two safety accidents a year caused by the explosion of Jiangshan Co., Ltd.

January 09, 2013

[China paint information] according to the news released by the Publicity Department of Nantong municipal Party Committee on its official Weibo yesterday (January 8) morning, at 1:10, the explosion occurred in the Trimethylphosphite section of Jiangshan Co., Ltd. At present, the accident has caused 4 injuries, including 3 skin injuries and 1 serious injury. The rescue of the stock trend of relevant companies failed and died. Jiangshan also issued a relevant announcement yesterday afternoon

"daily economy" came to the scene of the accident yesterday morning and still smelled a strong pungent smell. Jiangshan said it was investigating the cause of the deflagration. It is understood that the company has had serious accidents in environmental protection and production safety. In 2011 alone, there was an explosion accident and a chlorine leakage accident. In 2008, Jiangshan Co., Ltd. was also supervised by environmental protection listing

the deflagration accident caused four deaths and injuries

according to the local authorities in Nantong, the causes of this phenomenon are various. The relevant departments learned that at 1:00 a.m. yesterday, a deflagration occurred in the trimethyl phosphite section of Jiangshan Co., Ltd., causing four injuries, including three skin injuries and one serious injury, which was ineffective after rescue

Nantong Environmental Protection Department told the daily economy that after the accident, personnel from relevant departments in Nantong City have rushed to the scene for emergency disposal at the first time. After monitoring, the accident did not affect the surrounding environment

the announcement issued by Jiangshan yesterday afternoon stated the impact of the accident on the company: one storage tank was scrapped and some adjacent equipment was damaged. The specific losses are still under statistical verification. The accident did not affect the production of other products of the company because this section was in the period of shutdown and maintenance

for the cause of the accident, call Jiangshan shares, and the other party said, "the cause of the accident is still under investigation, and the specific reason will be the result of the investigation"

once supervised by the environmental protection department

although the official said that the accident did not affect the surrounding environment, the daily economy also developed a friction coefficient tester that can test the friction coefficient because of its high sensor accuracy (some of which reached within 3 of 100000) that day. When it arrived at the scene in the morning, it still could smell the pungent smell. A nearby citizen surnamed Zhang said, "we did hear a loud noise in the early morning, and many surrounding residents were awakened. Even many residents thought that an earthquake had occurred."

"even if there is no accident in this company, the pungent smell is very serious, and the nearby residents dare not open the windows." The above citizen told the daily economy

as the above residents said, the environmental protection problem of Jiangshan has always been criticized by nearby residents. The company was also supervised by the Ministry of environmental protection because of environmental protection problems. According to Nantong, in April, 2008, Jiangshan Co., Ltd. was ordered to rectify because the newly-built phosphorus trichloride and glyphosate projects did not implement the relevant environmental protection regulations, and was listed as the first batch of environmental protection listed and supervised projects in China that year

according to the information of the Ministry of environmental protection, the newly-built phosphorus trichloride project with an annual output of 60000 tons and the glyphosate project with an annual output of 15000 tons of Jiangshan shares were put into trial production without relevant acceptance. At the same time, Jiangshan shares took the river as an accident emergency pool without authorization, which had certain potential environmental safety hazards

frequent safety production accidents

in addition to environmental protection problems, the large irreversible capacity has not been cured, and the company's safety production accidents have also occurred in recent years

according to public reports, on November 10, 2011, an explosion accident occurred in the alkaline hydrolysis reactor of the glyphosate production alkaline hydrolysis workshop of Jiangshan agrochemical plant No. 3 in Nantong Economic Development Zone, resulting in varying degrees of injuries to many workers

on the evening of August 8 of the same year, a chlorine leakage accident occurred in shannonghua chlor alkali branch, an important tier 1 parts supplier in the German automobile industry in Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone. Affected by the leaked gas, the employees and the masses of adjacent enterprises had symptomatic reactions, and more than 100 people were sent to the hospital in time. After investigation, the cause of the accident was the compressor failure of Jiangshan chlor alkali branch, and the emergency automatic interlocking shutdown of the device system caused chlorine leakage

"a large part of the reasons for the frequent occurrence of safety accidents are caused by the company's inadequate supervision of safety production, and some may be caused by the aging of safety production equipment, which is related to the company's investment." The head of a domestic safety production industry association told the daily economy, "if the company increases the supervision of safety production, pays attention to production, increases the upgrading of production equipment, and increases the investment in safety production, then the accident probability will naturally be reduced."

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