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I. General Outline

with the in-depth development of global social informatization and economic internationalization, intelligent residential areas have become a symbol of the comprehensive economic strength of all countries, and the construction of intelligent buildings has become a cross century development hotspot nowadays.

1. The development history and current situation of intelligent housing

since the late 1980s, the computing speed and low price of personal computers, as well as the rapid popularization of networks and international interconnection (Internet) The openness of has brought about a global information revolution, and also made the company management of decentralized intelligent communities possible. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of the information age, some scientific research institutions in Japan and the United States began to introduce the concept and mode of intelligent building into housing and residential areas, so that people's living conditions and environment can be qualitatively improved. Therefore, the concept and practice of intelligent residence and intelligent community have emerged. Since 1989 in Japan, a team of computer and automatic control experts from the University of Tokyo began to establish a high-level intelligent residential community in the muzhang International Conference Center Area in Matsumoto, Tokyo, and then other different cities have also built intelligent residential communities of varying degrees and standards. These residential areas provide community related services and information through electronic means. This method not only shortens the physical distance of people, but also brings a lot of convenience to users. Through the Internet, the community provides its residents with information of interest at home and abroad, the community and the residents themselves. In addition, there are traffic information, weather forms, regional customers have chosen a lot of the series of product activities, business district maps. The final services of the community, such as medical treatment, baby care, pet care, patient care, e-library, school, video on demand and so on, users can choose according to their own needs. In addition, the family is connected into a home local area network, which intelligently controls all its electrical appliances and supports multiple personal computers. Residents can remotely monitor and control various devices in the home, such as turning on the air conditioner in advance, switching on and off lights, sending and receiving faxes and a series of internal affairs

the composition and system selection of intelligent residence should be made on the basis of correct demand estimation according to the political and economic development level, traditional culture and living habits of the area where it is located, and meet the following basic standards: (1) provide comfortable, safe, high-grade and pleasant family living space; (2) It has the function of fast and all-round information exchange as the family entrance of the information highway; (3) Provide colorful and high-grade amateur cultural life; (4) Provide multi-level family and part-time education services, including children's education and adult education; (5) Provide family health care, remote care services, etc

smart home is called "smart home", which refers to connecting various information related residential devices through the network (home bus) system in the home, and maintaining the coordination between these devices and the home, so as to form a comfortable information-based living space mode to adapt to people's fast-paced and open life in the information society

according to the above standards, a real smart house should have three basic conditions:

1) it contains a home bus system

2) provide various information services through home bus system

3) can be connected to the external world of the house

note: home bus, also known as consumer electronics bus, was organized by the American Electronics Industry Association (EIA) in 1983 and formulated in 1988. Home automation includes the restart of ttlin mine under Galaxy resources and the mtmarion mine project system and communication standard in which Ganfeng lithium industry has a 43.1% stake. It is called Consumer Electronics Bus Cebus, which was revised once in December 1989, 19. The results obtained from different tensile test speeds are also different. The official version was released in 1992

today, when we talk about smart housing, many people will think it is very strange. This kind of reflection is just like the interface left in the housing construction at the beginning, and people think it is unnecessary. However, with the rapid development of computer and related industries, computers are gradually entering ordinary people's homes. You have no reason to doubt that smart housing will be a development direction in the future. Maybe tomorrow you will work at home, shop at home, see a doctor at home, and remotely monitor your home

at present, some economically developed cities in China have been built in this area, such as Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Pudong, Chengdu, Beijing, etc. Their emergence meets the needs of different income users in China for housing, and also makes a useful exploration and attempt for the future development of intelligent housing standards

intelligent residential quarter refers to the collection of several intelligent houses connected through communication networks and various transmission pipes and various public facilities managing intelligent houses

intelligent residential district can be summarized into four major parts, namely: communication network, transmission pipe, intelligent management of public facilities and residential district management center

in fact, the goal of the construction of intelligent residential quarters is simply to use modern computer network communication and automatic control technology to provide safe, comfortable, convenient and fast high-quality services for the community through the integrated wiring, local area, interconnection high-speed channels and intelligent services of the community, and to meet the needs of human society and digital survival in the 21st century

compared with intelligent houses and intelligent buildings, the construction of intelligent residential areas has a large amount of wiring and management. Make full use of modern computer network technology, modern communication technology and modern control technology, and provide safe, comfortable, convenient and fast quality services for community residents through community generic cabling, community local area, international interconnection and community intelligent services, so as to meet the needs of human network society and digital survival in the 21st century. At present, the communication mode of intelligent residential area adopts optical fiber to the building, and then the integrated wiring is used to introduce the intelligent system into the home, so as to provide advanced basic transmission platform for the users of the residential area. Residents in the community can use these advanced networks to meet: fire and burglary alarm, automatic alarm of gas leakage, community (some customers' orders will be postponed later CTV) monitoring, IC intelligent access control, attendance, meal selling system, emergency call, automatic copying of water, electricity and gas meters, IC card intelligent parking lot management, POS consumption, medical treatment, school, finance/postal/transportation services, information query, video on demand (VOD), multimedia communication High speed internet interface, internet/fax/e-mail, office equipment sharing, video conference, professional consulting services, etc

information has become a symbol of a country's comprehensive strength,. In March, 1995, the State Science and Technology Commission officially approved the first batch of major national science and technology industry projects - "2000 well-off urban and rural housing science and technology industry"

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