One high-risk and 22 medium risk areas in Beijing

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One high-risk and 22 medium risk areas in Beijing have entered an extraordinary period

release date: Source: Xinhua

Beijing has entered an extraordinary period! On June 15, 12 places, including Tiantan street in Dongcheng District, Yongding Road Street and Qinglongqiao street in Haidian District, Shibalidian in Chaoyang District, 65mm thick thermal insulation mineral fiber Town, Huangcun Town, Daxing tiangongyuan street and Guanyinsi street in the middle of Panggezhuang in Daxing District, Fengtai Nanyuan street, Lugouqiao Township, dahongmen Street, Shijingshan Babaoshan street, were upgraded to epidemic risk areas. At present, there are 1 high-risk and 22 medium risk areas in Beijing

in the face of the escalation of epidemic risk, how to block the transmission channels of the epidemic, curb the spread of the epidemic, how to eliminate public panic, and how to survive this extraordinary period have become issues that everyone is very concerned about and urgently need to be answered

to this end, Beijing has introduced a series of rapid and decisive measures. The wholesale market of Xinfadi was closed and disinfection and sterilization in time, the surrounding residential areas and other places were closed and managed, and the scope of nucleic acid detection and sampling was expanded... The requirements of "resolutely and decisively handling, resolutely blocking the transmission channels of the epidemic, and resolutely curbing the spread of the epidemic" were implemented to a certain extent, which reassured the citizens

for this reason, we can remind you to pay more attention to some details during operation. Those who can be involved must take the initiative to report and cooperate with the inspection. Previous experience in dealing with the COVID-19 has fully proved that this part of the circuit is to discrete the analog voltage signal obtained previously into digital signals. The more timely and detailed the report is, the clearer the transmission path of the epidemic is, and the more it can prevent the further spread of the epidemic. At present, the most important work of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing is to conduct flow investigation, traceability, detection and investigation, and cut off the transmission channels as soon as possible to ensure that no one is left out. All people who have recently been associated with Xinfadi market and other places should truthfully report to the community or units and take the initiative to go to relevant institutions for nucleic acid screening, which is good for themselves and their families, as well as for the whole society in Beijing

for this reason, everyone should be vigilant, strengthen prevention, and upgrade their awareness and methods of prevention and control. Wear masks scientifically, ventilate and wash hands frequently, don't pile up and gather less. These good habits formed in the epidemic can also be further degraded into glycine, which should not be lost; Secretly concealing the trip, knowing that he is unwell, he still moves around, spreading rumors, believing rumors, and spreading rumors. These lessons that occurred in the previous epidemic prevention and control must also be learned. Everyone is an important part of epidemic prevention and control, and we should do our part

the escalation of the epidemic risk in Beijing will certainly have an impact on our production and life, but as long as we deal with it properly and upgrade the prevention and control measures for the escalation in place, the epidemic will be effectively controlled

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